Dumpster update

Just wanted to update you on the situation with the eucharists in the dumpster. I know a lot of you were upset. I got several messages from people offering to help, which I appreciate but please understand that I feel uncomfortable giving out my address to people on the internet. Anyway I asked two girlfriends to come over and help me tip over the dumpster and get what we could of the eucharists out. They were scheduled to come after work today. I told my uncle and he said I was being insane. Unfortunately, the garbage man came today and emptied the dumpster at my uncle’s wishes. I watched as the garbage was emptied into the truck, along with a flurry of eucharists. I ran outside to see if any were spilled into the road but I did not find any. I guess it’s for the best. Thank you all for your support and advice.


Tip over a dumpster? :rolleyes: Girl, you obviously have more strength (or something) than the rest of us have. Perhaps real estate under a bridge is one of those “somethings”?

I don’t think it could be any more obvious that you have enough time on your hands to continue trolling. “A flurry of eucharists”? Really? Please, go find someone else to share your imaginative and b.s. stories!

Truly an experienced troll we have here, folks, She/he knows that if she was rude, she’d get banned. Instead, she calmly types her anti-Catholic fantasies, in hope of upsetting folks. Don’t let her get to you!!

I don’t see why she needed to update us anyway - don’t forget the priest un-transsubstantiated them already. :rolleyes:

I confess, I fell for it, and was prepared to go dumpster diving last week. :blushing:

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