Dunes on Mars Resemble Starfleet Logos


Scientific American:

Dunes on Mars Resemble Starfleet Logos

The resemblance is uncanny, but no, these aren’t Starfleet logos emblazoned on planet Vulcan. Perhaps fittingly, though, this nasa Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image shows a section of an active dune field on Mars. Strong winds blowing in a single direction resulted in massive piles of basaltic sand about 200 meters wide and 20 meters tall that formed crescent-shaped “barchan dunes.” The imaging method—infrared shifted color—portrays them with a blue tint, but to the naked eye they would actually appear as neutral gray mounds sitting on the Red Planet’s signature colored backdrop.

This group of barchans rests at 23° N latitude and just west of Mawrth Vallis, one of the oldest valleys on Mars, famous for its clay mineral deposits that form only in the presence of water. As outlandish as they may appear, these dunes are no stranger to Earth. Barchans commonly form in deserts here, in places such as New Mexico, Namibia or Turkistan, where Russian naturalist Alexander von Middendorf introduced them to the scientific literature as “barchans,” a word borrowed from a Central Asian language.

No doubt they did this while they came back to save the whales in 1986.




Why couldn’t they leave us the transporter instead :shrug:


End times. . . . . . . end times. . . . . .


Good one! :thumbsup:

How about, “Damnit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a landscaper!”


Its a warning that the Klingons are hanging out near Uranus.


Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if one could isolate pictures of some American deserts and make the same case. That’s how deserts look. I don’t know if the article has pictures that were touched up to clarify the shapes in the dunes.



As In “James tee Kirk”


There is quite a bit we dont know about Mars yet, and Id bet if we knew the truth about its history and what happened, our jaws would probably be on the floor in dis-belief!

It will be something if they actually come out and say WE DID originate here! I know a couple NASA guys have been hinting at this recently, but Id like to see everything they get to see before making my mind up, but I doubt the public is allowed to see much of the info they have on Mars, probably just the basics and nothing more.


Possibly the remains of crewmembers who wore the red shirts. It’s only logical.


I’m taking this as the final word on Star Wars versus Star Trek - even God likes Star Trek better!


Well that’s pretty interesting. I doubt its a sign of intelligent life on Mars though.


Well, they have not looked to intensely underneath the surface, but I think if there was life, we would see some evidence of it…BUT, I am starting to believe Mars did have life long ago, when it was like a lush tropical jungle, Im not sure about intelligent life, but certainly animal life, or what would be considered an animal on Mars.

For all we know, Mars may have been used by God long before mankind was created, as a place where his prior creations lived…anything is possible, but we all know our God is one who likes to create, we can see evidence of this all over, I think he has probably been creating intelligent races looong before us and probably will be looong after the last human dies off.


More likely the Borg. Definitely not Swedish.



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