Dutch Bishop and Allah?


What was this about the Dutch Catholic Bishop and how we shoud call God by the name of Allah? This seems like PC and pandering run amok . I don’t understand this. We have our own sacred faith and our own words. Isn’t this Bishop deviating from the Faith?


Do you have a link for this?
It seems to me that we should only call God “Allah” if we are speaking Arabic, since “allah” is the Arabic word for “god”.




Breda - The Dutch Roman Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens is urging the faithful of all religions to call God Allah in order to foster mutual understanding. The bishop of the city of Breda says God does not mind what he is called and points out that Allah is the Arabic word for God. The bishop, who is retiring in a few weeks, added he did not expect his ideas to find immediate acceptance. He expects it could take 100 or 200 years. Bishop Muskens has previously defied the Vatican by calling for the acceptance of married priests and the use of condoms against aids. He has also said that those who are poor may steal bread.


I realize that “Allah” is no more than the Arabic word for “God.” The ancient Trisagion hymn (Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us) begins “Qudusson Allah” in Arabic.

None the less, why should we adopt a foreign word into common speech? Following the same reasoning, why should Muslims not say “Jesus” for God to foster mutual understanding?


Anyway, I’m sure Bp. Muskens is admired for being a GOOD little dhimmi.


<<Isn’t this Bishop deviating from the Faith?>>

I wouldn’t say he’s deviating from the faith.

Just being stupid.


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