Dutch doctor performs euthanasia on struggling alcoholic


Mark Langedijk said that his life was full of misery and suffering due to his battle with alcoholism

A doctor in the Netherlands has performed the euthanasia of an alcoholic who claimed his addiction had turned his life into a “cocktail” of misery.

In possibly the first documented case of euthanasia for alcoholism, Mark Langedijk, a 41-year-old father of two children, was given a lethal injection by his GP.



Absolutely evil. Europe has truly lost its soul.

And I can’t express how angry I am with a “brother” who would encourage his sibling to kill himself and ALSO to encourage the very problem that was the underlying issue (i.e. DRINKING with him). :mad::mad:

Marcel Langedijk’s account of his brother’s death is vivid and tells how the pair sat in their parents’ garden in Overijssel in the hours beforehand, where they joked, smoked, ate ham and cheese sandwiches and meatball soup and drank beer and wine.


Yikes! One can recover from alcoholism, but not from death.


So the Dutch have a new, and fatal, way of treating addiction.


I am aghast. I don’t even know what to say. That is appalling.




Absolutely evil. I don’t know how that doctor can justify that to himself, to the family of the man he killed, **or to God. **

What next?


May the Lord have mercy on the soul of the man who took his own life, and on the doctor who helped him…

Truly disgusting.


Horribly sad… people so desperate to reduce their suffering in this world that they completely lose sight of the eternal torment awaiting them when life ends.


Whatever happened to God never giving someone more than they can handle?

Thankfully though, I doubt this would be sin in the eyes of God (for the man himself), if he was that miserable, his mind was not in the right state to make decisions, so that reduces his responsibility imo.


None of us are in any position to make such a determination.


Pretty soon stubbing your toe in being in pain will be enough for these doctors to off someone to eternal death. Good Grief. How can an addict even be in his right mind to consent to such a decision? Sure saves dollars on drug treatment though doesn’t it?

How disgusting.



I just read this story and am horrified - I’m equally horrified because where I read it (a news site that allows for public comments) showed just how many people are in favor of this evil.

I can’t get over it - it disturbs me to the core - and I’m fearful of it spreading. I read of a pair of twins who a few years ago were euthanized because they were beginning to lose their sight (not all of it mind, but partially) and they felt this was reason enough to not go on.

I read of a woman who was euthanized because she suffered from depression.

A young girl because she had an abusive past (she was in her twenties!!!)

When does it end? And now another state approved it (maybe a few…I can’t recall which ones just passed it).

This is very grave news and we mustn’t allow this culture of death to spread…although I fear it is spreading… We have to remind people that there is always hope - that hope always trumps death. :signofcross:



Don’t know what else to say.


I think what we are seeing is a loss of hope.

If you honestly believe that this life is all there is and it’s on to eternal oblivion, why even suffer. You suffer and then die. That’s all there is to it.


The Netherlands has legalized incest, legalized prostitution, and is considered to be one of the most pro-homosexual countries in the world. Is this really so surprising ?


Legalized incest? I haven’t heard of such in the Netherlands.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole World.



Great headline but not true …unlike New Jersey.


Wow, so now when you get addicted to alcohol, you just get murdered…

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