Dutch Government Will Not Mandate Masks, Says ‘No Proven Effectiveness’

Dutch Government Will Not Mandate Masks, Says ‘No Proven Effectiveness’

“There is no proven effectiveness of masks…”

By Paul Bois

Jul 30, 2020 DailyWire.com

Robin Utrecht/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Dutch government announced this week that it will not be mandating that citizens wear masks to halt the spread of COVID-19, arguing that their effectiveness remains unproven.

Speaking at a press conference at The Hague, the Netherlands’ Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark said that a recent review by the country’s National Institute for Health (RIVM) showed that social distancing rules prove more effective at combatting the virus than masks. . . .

. . . In the early stages of the pandemic here in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, argued against wearing masks before reversing that position several weeks later. Fauci, however, maintains that he was simply following CDC guidelines to preserve PPE.

“I don’t regret anything I said then because in the context of the time in which I said it, it was correct. We were told in our task force meetings that we have a serious problem with the lack of PPEs and masks for the health providers . . .

. . . This week, Dr. Fauci even went as far as to argue that people should wear goggles and eye-shields.

“If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” Fauci told ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton on Wednesday. “You have mucosa in the nose, mucosa in the mouth, but you also have mucosa in the eye. Theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. So, if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.”

Let’s keep in mind that the Dutch has 360 deaths per million from coronavirus. I would prefer the US follows counties that have much lower infection and death rates from coronavirus.

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“There is no proven effectiveness of masks…” . . .

. . . the country’s National Institute for Health (RIVM) showed that social distancing rules prove more effective at combatting the virus than masks. . . .

Maybe the US look at South Korea that has only 6 deaths per million from the coronavirus instead of the Netherlands.



The South Koreans do not believe HCQ is helpful

Those who think masks are not effective , next time you have a dental appointment is it ok if your dentist doesn’t wear one?


Yeah, I don’t really see how someone can say they don’t do anything, unless that person also believes that coughing and sneezing into a tissue does nothing. Seems like common sense that covering your mouth and nose reduces the spread of disease.


@Cathoholic , this is misleading. Apparently many hospitals did use Hydroxychloroquine on all patients. Where do you think he US studies came from?

So, with limited to moderate use of HCQ, the US is over on the red side.

PaulinVA . . .

Apparently many hospitals did use Hydroxychloroquine on all patients. Where do you think he US studies came from?

The reason the hospitals were using it was based upon front-line physicians using this in France and China.

There were even studies published but they were harpooned for being front-line (although they wouldn’t put it that way).

They said that they were not medical center studies that had peer review, randomization, etc.

They were called “anecdotal”.

Of course these gripes were true.

But the answer is to do randomized propsective double blind long-term studies on the correct cohorts.

None of this has been done. At least adequately.

The criticizers have been fighting real and relevant hydroxychloroquine studies (even as they say they support them) every step of the way.

I understand several hydroxychloroquine studies were terminated based upon the (now known to be phony) articles in the Lancet and the NEJM.

It is obvious the institutional left, does NOT WANT it studied. (And they don’t want it being used off-label either as the word will continue to spread about significntly reduced death rates associated with hydroxychloroquine thereby reducing the misery index, and minimizing the demand for new less-effective (but patentable and thus exceedingly profitable) meds and rushed vaccines.

This is WHY we saw the unprecedented move in Ohio
by pols and bureaucrats to force GOVERNMENT patient decision-making
against phycisians and against their patients
regarding off-label use of already-approved hydroxychloroquine.

Fortunately this foolishness was overturned in a matter of hours.

Yet the countries who have acted upon this and are using hydroxychloroquine frequently on the front line, are having substatially lowered death rates.

While people interested in science and patients have continually been pointing this out, opposers keep coming back to “Trump” and the desire to use new drugs that they can secure patent$ on.

Some of the people carping about hydroxychloroquine, have almost certainly been on hydroxychloroquine or cousins of that for THEMSELVES like Chris Cuomo’s wife admitted Chris Cuomo was on.

And a lot of people are seeing right through these shenanigans.


I will wear mine if required or for precautionary reasons… they have been doing it in Asia now for a number of years… but I have seen some masks with a disclaimer on them that it will not keep viruses out. Not necessarily but I will certainly use them. I believe our church requires them now…along with being mapped out for social distancing.

Surgical masks and similar have never been certified for preventing influenza viruses from getting into one’s respiratory system. What makes people think these style masks can keep coronaviruses out?


Actually, I misread the chart. The US is in the middle, yellow section. It’s the UK on the left end.

Anyway, yes, studies are needed. I really don’t care if it’s a good or bad treatment. Let’s just find out and get something definitive, which we don’t have right now.

You’re welcome to try it on baseball teams. Miami and St Louis need to play.

Why are you bringing in this data on a thread about masks? You’ve often criticized others for changing the discussion yet, here you are doing so, too.

Let’s discuss the data about masks, please.

Various mask materials have been studied and rated for their effectiveness in blocking virus particle sizes. Some are definitely more effective than others.

What settled the mask question for me was the case of two beauticians that were Covid positive and saw 194 clients. The two wore masks and none of the clients became Covid positive as a result. Anecdotal? Yes! But reassuring nonetheless.

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Masks are a secular superstition.

If you are a tiny covid protein, a face mask looks like a chain link fence. Plus, masks become petrie dishes for nice moist germs to settle onto which we repeatedly breath in - and out of - to the detriment of ourselves and others. Those who wear them “religiously” may feel that, by doing so, they are somehow safe and marvelously virtuous, while those who don’t are ignorant and exhibiting a severe moral failure. They claim “science” to be on their side. But any scientific evidence that is contrary to this opinion (and there is plenty) is considered in grievous error. But, knock on wood, I’m OK. I ain’t a’skeered! Oh no! I’m wearing my mask 'cause it’s the “right thing to do (and maybe, just maybe, I’ll survive… I hope, I hope…”).

Folks, we’ve become a frightened and intimidated nation of hall monitors: “Teacher, teacher! He’s not wearing a mask!”

I ain’t buying it anymore. I say, be not afraid. I suggest that we have to get over our fine selves. The spread of this disease is in the Lord’s hands, not ours, and death is the common and ultimate end of all living things - and that includes all of us mask or no mask. It’s out of our control. As for me and my family, we will trust in the Lord. The rest can trust in science.

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The Lord also gave us brains and scientists, did He not? No one is claiming masks completely prevent the spread of Covid. It helps. In varying degrees depending on material used and proper wearing. Seat belts don’t prevent people being killed in car accidents but we know they help! Would someone not wearing a sear belt and depending on the Lord to protect be wise?

I get it. I really do. You don’t like them. You think they aren’t needed. The science needs to get its act together too. We need to study the real effectiveness of wearing them and public service announcements on how to wear them, remove them and care for them is sorely needed. Until then? I think it’s wise to wear them until they are actually proven to NOT help…and I don’t think that a proper scientific study will find them useless.

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Yes but it requires some media such as water to travel, no? Alone, it doesn’t survive very long. Its survival depends on the surface. It attaches and replicates mostly on human cells. At least that’s what I’ve concluded.

So those who oppose the wearing of masks are lacking in brains? And scientists (God love them all) will come up with a solution to this plague?

The first premise is both insulting and unfounded. The second is willfully trusting in sheer luck. Maybe science will get it right - but maybe it won’t. We’re investing a heck of Faith in science. But it’s a crap-shoot: “c’mon seven, come eleven, baby needs a new pair of shoes!” Like I said, it’s a secular superstition.

Comparing face masks to seat belts suggests to me that there is a correlation between running down the road at 60-plus mph unbelted on a collision course with another vehicle and walking through Wall-Mart. I don’t think so.

I understand that Corona is a pesky little pest. But the notion that somehow it’s “everywhere - everywhere I tell you!” is more than a little dramatic. The number of deaths directly related to COVID are a bit less than astounding (and the numbers currently being given are not to be trusted, because the folks reporting them don’t seem to be able to separate those who’ve died WITH Corona Virus from those who died FROM Corona Virus). Comparisons with various forms of the Flu over time or SARS are actually apropos - with SARS and the Flu being far more lethal. But the Corona is, well, novel. Therefore, for some reason, we must fear it more - to the extent that we close down our economy by a third, disemploy hundreds of thousands of Americans, close our schools, our airports, our restaurants, our beauty shops, our florists, our everyday retailers, and stop the progress of normal life (or at least put it on a very long and indeterminate pause), to allow our governments to crush freedom of assembly, free and open worship, and an open market. Our very future is at risk because of a bug.

This constitutes one heck of a problem for free thinking people. And it’s not like people are clattering down our streets every morning crying “bring out your dead.” No. Instead it’s become an hour-by-hour, minute-by minute fear mongering cry by the press and government to control our people “for their own good.” I can’t abide it any more. It’s nonsense. But, go ahead, wear your mask. Buy the lie. Live in fear.

But for me, it’s time to say “no mas.”

Your comments suggest you don’t understand the scientific process.

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