Dutch homosexuals call off disruptions as parish backs down on Communion [CC]

Militant homosexuals in the Netherlands have called off plans to disrupt worship at a Catholic parish in Den Bosch, after receiving assurances that the parish would not deny Communion to open homosexuals.


How sad .:imsorry::bighanky:
May God be kind to all of these misguided individuals.


sad:( the whole situation

It’s appeasement. The homosexuals threatened disruptions and so the priest backed down and he’ll now be accountable to God for his giving the eucharist to public sinners.

It certainly establishes a bad precedent.

More about the story from Radio Netherlands:

As a result, the openly gay Carnival prince who was refused communion in the Brabant provincial town of Reusel should also receive communion. The church’s refusal to give him communion sparked off protests at Roman Catholic church services up and down the Netherlands on Sunday.

I skipped watching the video.

Why give in to terrorism?


I am a catholic and I am dutch. It is sad news indeed. Imagine, the chairman of a left political party, who has been raised as a catholic, asks just before important elections in the Netherlands to join the homosexuals to protest during holy mass on sunday february 28th. During the sermon they shout and then they leave the church. The priest has decided to give the communion to nobody. The homosexuals have said they will return 6 sundays, not only in that church but also in other churches.
This week the priest had a conversation with an organization of homosexuals. He said that they are welcome to go to the church and asked not to protest and not to have pink triangels on their clothes. He repeated to them the doctrine that you can receive communion when you are baptized, when you believe that Christ is present in the species of bread and wine and when you live in accordance to what Christ and his church ask. More than ever it has been made clear to everyone that the church states that the homosexual practice is a mortal sin and that you have to confess such a sin before you can receive the holy communion. The organization understood that this was meant as a reconciliating declaration and decided not to protets anymore.
And nevertheless some media claimed this declaration as the victory of the homosexuals: now they are allowed to recieve the communion! But the only thing is that the church has explained the doctrine of always, that finally you have to examine your conscience carefully and that if you want to recieve the communion a priest normally will not refuse to give it.
This was not about the communion. There were militant homosexuals and other people. who never visit a church, acting against our holy church because they hate the church. It was awful and frightening. So, readers of this forum, brothers and sisters in Christ, pray and let pray for the church in Holland. We earn it. And I will pray for you in the US.

Absolutely. The priest is allowing the Most Holy Eucharist to be profaned. :eek::mad:

"…the chief strength of the wicked, lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men… All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics."

Can’t they be arrested for trespassing or harassement?

Maybe it’s time to go back into secret places to worship.

It is definitely time to offer our prayers for the Catholic Church in the Netherlands.

Have mercy on us, Lord Jesus Christ, and on the whole world.

Is there another parish that the locals can attend for these 6 weeks, until the gays get tired and bored?

The tough Catholics could still attend and more should go in solidarity to support the priest in refusing the Eucharist to be profaned.

In the same way that active faithful Catholics descend upon Washington DC to protest Abortion in the US, we should descend upon The Netherlands and just go to Mass. You need our support and presence! Some of us are used to the hostility, at least outside in the streets.
No one goes into a stranger’s house and demand to be fed!

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