Dutch nationalist Wilders slips to second in poll ahead of March 15 vote



**Dutch nationalist Wilders slips to second in poll ahead of March 15 vote

Just two weeks ahead of the Dutch election, Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing populist Party for Freedom, has slipped into second place. The vote will be the first among three of the EU’s founder members this year.

According to the Peilingwijzer poll, published Wednesday, far-right party leader Geert Wilders has fallen behind the conservative VVD party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte for the first time since November 2016.

Anti-Islamic and euroskeptic Wilders is now on 15.7 percent, while Rutte’s VVD leads him on 16.3 percent…

Scheduled to take place on March 15, the Dutch parliamentary election will mark the first of three elections among European Union founder members this year…

However, even if Wilders were to claim election victory on March 15, the far-right leader is unlikely to be able to found a coalition. Almost all opposition parties have ruled out forming a coalition with him.**


Like candidate Trump did in the US?


Trump garnered 46% of the popular vote…

Mr Wilders in the Netherlands is only on 15.7% in his country.

Huge difference.

All the other parties will band together against him.

The Dutch don’t have a two-party system, rather they vote for many different parties - all of which are united in their opposition to the racist PVV who only account for a fraction of the voting population.


Wilders numbers will go up as conditions in the country continue to deteriorate. Same as in France, anti-immigration parties will keep increasing there vote totals as more and more native Europeans conclude that the system is broken.


Actually migration and the EU have been remarkably low on the “radar” for Dutch voters in the lead up to this election, as even the Russian-proxy news agency Sputnik has conceded:


**‘Wilders Won’t Win:’ Dutch Professor Predicts Outcome of Tight Election Contest

Geert Wilders’ Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant Party for Freedom has slipped in the polls because the Dutch electorate is currently more concerned with domestic issues than the EU and migration, Professor Rinus Van Schendelen told Sputnik Deutschland.

Until recently, Wilders’ anti-immigration Party for Freedom (PVV) was leading opinion polls. However, a new poll shows Wilders falling behind incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), who leads a coalition with the center-left Labor Party (PvdA).

According to the Peilingwijzer aggregate of polls released Wednesday, the ruling VVD is currently supported by 16.3 percent of voters, while support for the PVV has dipped to 15.7 percent…

The professor estimated that about 8.5 million of the Netherlands’ 13 million voters will cast their vote on March 15 and like the opinion polls, forecast that Geert Wilders is unlikely to take first place.

“I think the PVV and Wilders will be in second or third place and get 25 seats out of 150,” van Schendelen explained.

The reason for this is that the core campaign issues of Wilders’ party, Euroscepticism and fighting immigration, are not currently a priority for the electorate in the Netherlands, where the political discourse in the run-up to the elections has been dominated by other issues.

“At the moment, election debates are hardly touching on the European Union and migration…The political debate which is currently taking place on television, radio and other media revolves around questions of domestic politics, for example pensions, education, and care for the unemployed.”**


The Netherlands has one of the fastest growth rates and is experiencing an economic boom, so I take it that the conditions you use to judge are using a narrow barometer. By the way in the possessive, it’s Their not There.


So this election then is about what liberals think is racist, not about tangible, important issues like abortion. :rolleyes:

The fading West, ladies and gentlemen…


Just tell me who the most Catholic candidate is and he or she will have my support.


Let’s assume he wins and some of the parties decide to change their minds and say that the party with the most votes even if it’s only a very marginal lead should govern. If that happens, the only thing that will happen is Wilders will be pulled quite a distance away from where they are now. Most of his promises would never kept because it would be impossible with an electoral system that produces only coalition governments.


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