Dutch offered to help w/oil spill for free. We said no.(!?)


“In sharp contrast to Dutch preparedness before the fact and the Dutch instinct to dive into action once an emergency becomes apparent, witness the American reaction to the Dutch offer of help. The U.S. government responded with “Thanks but no thanks,” remarked Visser, despite BP’s desire to bring in the Dutch equipment and despite the no-lose nature of the Dutch offer --the Dutch government offered the use of its equipment at no charge…”

“The Americans, overwhelmed by the catastrophic consequences of the BP spill, finally relented and took the Dutch up on their offer – but only partly. Because the U.S. didn’t want Dutch ships working the Gulf, the U.S. airlifted the Dutch equipment to the Gulf and then retrofitted it to U.S. vessels. And rather than have experienced Dutch crews immediately operate the oil-skimming equipment, to appease labour unions the U.S. postponed the clean-up operation to allow U.S. crews to be trained.”

This country… :banghead:

No thanks, foreigners, we can do this ourselves.

Wait… no we can’t.

But we don’t want you to help… but we do.

It is the grossest kind of incompetence that continually turns help away while the environment gets soaked in polluting oil. The kind of environmentalism that would tie up help in all kinds of red tape and regulations and economic pettiness is not really environmentalism at all really.

It is a sham. Perhaps instead of worrying about what global warming may or may not do to the oceans one hundred years from now, the greens might want to spend a little bit of their fury on the Obama Democrats for not employing all the help they can get to clean up this very real environmental catastrophy that is happening right now.

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