Dutch pedophile political party dissolved

**Father Di Noto Acknowledges Victory

AVOLA, Italy, MARCH 18, 2010 (Zenit.org).- A Dutch political party founded in 2006 by three pedophiles, which touted a platform to promote child pornography and sexual activity, was dissolved due to a lack of popular support.

The general assembly of the Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom and Diversity announced its unanimous decision to dissolve the organization on Sunday.

Father Fortunato Di Noto, founder of the Meter Association, which helped U.S. and Italian authorities uncover 100 online pedophile communities last year, affirmed that this is “good news, a good civil victory.”

His non-profit association launched a campaign against this party from the moment it was established.

Read more here: zenit.org/article-28686?l=english

Don’t you wish they would talk more often about Priests like this in the media, doing good work eliminating the evil from the world!

Our Lord said: “The World hated Me…”

Its a wonder Father Di Noto wasnt prosecuted under some “Hate Crime” or “Human Rights” law.

More power to him!

Obviously the media would rather go bankrupt than discuss the good deeds of the vast majority of Catholic priests. With media moguls who actively hate and wish to destroy religion, this is the type of story that will rarely get reported.

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