Dutch Reformed Church to permit Samse Sex Marriage


This is important because I was raised and baptized in this denomination. Most of my relatives are still (nominal) members.

I find it said that they have chosen to abandon the traditional Christian interpretation of marriage and family. It’s just as disastrous as their decision to declare that the racist abomination that was Apartheid was divinely ordained and in line with God’s will-until they decided it wasn’t.

Why am I getting the feeling that in the end the Catholic Church will end up being the only Christian denomination that will uphold traditional Christian values?

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,”

True then, true now.

One can always find a denomination that fits their personal views.

The choices are almost limitless, and growing.

I find it interesting that people say this about others but not themselves. It seems like everyone who is religious finds a religion that fits their views. Or else, they just agree with the religious that they were raised in.

As a Catholic, do you personally find any views of the Catholic Church morally objectionable? If you did, would you continue to follow them regardless?

WWJCS? (What would John Calvin say?)

He’d probably say that this was all predestined.

Yes it is.



I always worry about some radical liberal being elected pope and fundamentally changing the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

That’s why I converted to Catholicism, because the Church’s views are consistent and unchanging. Even if a radical were elected Pope (which has not happened yet and hopefully never will) the Holy Spirit will prevent him from changing Church teachings.

It will never happen. The Church is protected to be led unto all truth by the power of the Holy Spirit .


I fear that as well

Why just homosexuality? Why not any other church rules?

It can never happen, i.e., the Church is and will forever be protected by the Holy Spirit, no matter who the pope is.

p.s. Just recollect some of the awful popes we had, and then ask yourself how it was possible that none of our doctrines changed?

I guess as a Lutheran you would.

Lutherans ELCA have already “gone there” with homosexuality. Does that concern you as well?

Why don’t you ever state what synod you are in? (You can ignore that as it’s probably too nosy LOL!):smiley:


  1. It grieves and concerns me greatly
  2. I am a member of nalc ( North American Lutheran Church)

Keep the faith Mary , Starwars :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t worry too much as there won’t be any Pope putting his “stamp of approval” on gay marriage or approve of sex outside of marriage for people of either sex.

  2. Ok.

I will keep the Faith and back at ya!~


This concerns me as I always thought they were conservative? Is it just the South African Dutch Reformed Church or does it include the one here?

I am WELS Lutheran our synod just put out a swift statement condemning the same sex marriage court ruling in June.

I know the Catholic Church will never allow same sex unions.

That’s mostly because the CC doesn’t make many doctrinal declarations. Mostly just “opinions” according to what I have learned here.

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