Dutch Study Bible

I doubt that anyone here is from Belgium or the Netherlands, but I’ll ask anyway.

Does anyone know if there are any Catholic Dutch Study Bibles?

You could use the study bible of the new bible translation. It’s quite good.

I’ve looked into it, and I really don’t like it. It’s mostly written by non-Catholics, so it doesn’t represent the view of the Church on the Bible.

Are you serious? I though it was. I’m new to the Catholic faith, and I asumed it was good. I know a few people who worked on it, and I was under the impression they were Catholic.
Maybe they were merely Catholic-ish?

“bijdragen vanuit brede interconfessionele achtergrond”
(Contributions from a broad interfaith background, for the English readers)

It doesn’t represent the Catholic view, mostly the Jewish view and the liberal Protestant view. The translation itself isn’t that good either.

The best translations in Dutch are the Canisius and the Willbrord 75.

I’ve looked around, and I haven’t found any other studybible, so I guess I’ll just look for a companion to the Bible.

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