Dutch Want Right to Die for Those Who Feel They Have ‘Completed Life’

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch government is set to legalize euthanasia for people who don’t want to live anymore but are not necessarily terminally ill or experiencing extreme suffering.

In a briefing to parliament on Wednesday, the health and justice ministers said that people who “have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete, must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them.”

The option would be limited to “the elderly,” though the briefing did not define an age limit.


That is one area the Holy Father and I disagree on. If a person wants to die for whatever reason, they should be allowed to do so.

“The option would be limited to “the elderly,” though the briefing did not define an age limit.”

Ah, well, soon enough, it will be the relatives of the elderly, or their doctors, or their caregivers, making the decision that “their life is complete.”

Death is getting more popular all the time, it seems. But while one can kill the body, the soul lives on, and purgatory is a fact of life. Why encourage people to make wrong decisions?

“their life is complete” will just be a ‘nice’ way of saying “they need to stop spending so much of MY inheritance before I get it.”

sickening, it really is.

The next step will be for the “Right to Die” for those who the government feel have completed their life.

Not to be crude but you can kill yourself without the governments blessing and very inexpensively. Does suicide get easier if a doctor prescribes pills rather than running a hose from your exhaust pipe or jumping off of a cliff?

No. Euthanasia is wrong for not just moral & ethical reasons but also for logicstical and trust related reasons.

Not to be crude, but if someone wants to end their life, they should have the guts to do it the old fashioned way by doing it themselves.

Don’t have a doctor, who’s job is to save your life (even if it’s against your will), do it. Have absence of honor and take your own life.

NOTE: I am NOT condoning sucide. No one should ever kill themselves. But for people who are obsessed with this, consider this: if they don’t have the will to kill themselves then that means their is part of them that is preventing it, hence they really don’t want to die.

When you attemp sucide you still have the opportunity to change your mind at the last split second. With euthanasia that last split second is taken away from the VICTIM.

There is no good reason for euthanasia. And frankly, I believe there is no reason for euthanasing animials either. Euthanasia for both humans and animals is really about money and time. People really euthanize because they are too selfish to take care of the sick. Plan and simple.

There’s that slippery slope again.

It never fails to show up, does it?

My grandfather, depressed because his beloved wife died, went to the train tracks. There he awaited the train that was due to arrive soon.

The newspapers placed the news, saying that when he was found dead at the tracks, his head was completely severed from his body. He left two dependent children.

Suicide had been on his mind for a long time. His children often found him in the kitchen, unconscious, with the gas turned on. It happened more than once.

Also, involving doctors if you want to die is counterproductive. If one is very sick, one can just refuse medical treatment. Eventually death will surely come.

I have no doubt that sooner or later (probably sooner) those who are indigent, those who are old and unable to care for themselves, will be in need of care but will be refused. They will probably end up on the E-list. That is the list some shelters euphemistically call the list of dogs or cats to be put down that week.

If this sounds incendiary, that’s because it is. Naturally if they fall off the charts and refuse to see a medical professional, then the pressure to end it all may not be too great, because it would lack the “official jargon” that bureaucrats love so much.

If your Favorite pet gets a terminal condition with no prospect of recovery what do you do ?

The problem with RIGHT TO DIE is that it becomes the DUTY TO DIE…the more we disrespect and mistreat our elders, the more they think they are worthless.

I no longer have grandparents - my last grandparent died 4 1/2 years ago.

Please love and respect your elderly parents and grandparents so they don’t start feeling this way (that their lives are “complete”)

Abortion was never meant to be just another form of contraception…but that’s what it is now…Euthanasia will go the same way… from people who wish to end their lives to…“it’s time dear old Aunt Martha was put down because she is unable to look after herself…she is suffering…her family don’t have the time or the resources to look after her…it’s far more humane than having her linger like she is”…(what it means is she’s a burden on society)… this is what happens when secular humanism replaces God as the arbiter of his creation…it sounds so enlightened until it’s to late to turn back…the sexual revolution was supposed to free us from our sexual phobias …so now promiscuity is rampant…STD’s are rampant…pornography is rampant…and so it continues…the slippery slope.

If I become terminally ill, I would hope to spend my remaining days in a Catholic hospice, and I do know of some very good ones. But I don’t want hospice care to turn into euthanasia centers where they can just kill folks off early.

Nowhere in my statement did I use the word “euthanasia.” I’m saying if a person wants to end their life for whatever reason, they should be allowed to do so and family and friends should be barred from intervening. The person can change their mind at the last minute if they want, but no one should force them to.

I’m talking about a huge shift in society’s moral paradigm here. When someone desires to kill them self or is making an actual attempt to do so, people feel an obligation to step in and try and stop it. I say people need to get out of this mindset and just let the person do what they want.

SO you don’t just disagree with the Holy Father, you disagree with Church teaching.

Would your advice to the parents of a teenager who had a rough break-up and talks about suicide be to get out the way? Would you make this government enforced? Have you read Lord of the World?

So instead of assisted sucide (which is euthanasia) you are advocating “supportive sucide?” :eek:

They want to make it ‘safe, legal, and rare’.

At least that’s what the pro-abortion folks tried to sell the public for a while. :shrug:

I’m saying people should mind their own business and be neutral on the matter. If a person says they want to end their life, people around them should say, “Well, whatever…”.

I give you props for honesty, but I just can’t imagine Jesus having that same attitude.

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