Dutch way of death

This article just made me sick.

THE INK had not yet dried on a new Dutch law legalizing doctor-assisted suicide before the specter of an expanded euthanasia industry began to blossom like a deadly nightshade.

Last week, the Dutch parliament made the Netherlands the first nation to fully legalize suicide for chronically sick patients and to give immunity to physicians who help them die.

When the law takes effect in the fall, doctors will be able to euthanize sick children as young as 12, if the kids ask and the parents agree.

Dutch Health Minister Els Borst, who sponsored the law, now is urging the government to allow doctors to prescribe suicide pills for old people who are simply tired of life, even if they are healthy.

Despite this happening, the pro-euthanasia groups continue to assure us the “slippery slope” arguments are pro-life rhetoric and would never happen.

The Netherlands is already halfway down the slippery slope. The U.S. is partway down.

It won’t be long before the right to die will become the duty to die.

How dare Aunt Sally refuse to take her suicide pill. Doesn’t she realize how much assisted care is costing us? As for those 12 year olds, well kids, you know when it’s time to take your medicine, right?

And, of course, the Culture of Death is/will make this a political issue to try to censor any religious arguements against it. :mad:

We had a situation where a pro-abstinence group was denied permission to speak to a group of 13/14 year olds because some of them had chosen to have sex and they “had to have their choice affirmed”. They age of consent is 16 in NZ, but whocares about that?

The time will come when people who speak out against euthanasia will be prosecuted for “hate crimes”. I’m not a prophet, I’m a student of human nature. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

Pax vobiscum!

This article is almost 6 years old.

In Christ,

So because it is old that makes it acceptable? The Dutch are doing to themselves what we stopped the Nazis from doing to them.

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