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I’m reaching out to Catholic men of a particular category in thatI tend to keep a high regard for the traditions of our religion. I’m a Cavalry Scout in the Army with 18 months of service left. When it is complete, I intend to mission to the Persecuted Church in the Horn of Africa.

I’m also a part-time chef. I work with my hands.

I have felt called for longer than five years to do this mission, to make of my life a missionary oblation to Saint Joseph, who was called to befoster father to thePersecuted Christ. He earned his living as a carpenter. He was devoted to the Immaculate Conception.

I have found that in order to serve Catholics that are persecuted by the Mohammedans, it is necessary to be authentic. It does no good to live like a Mohammedanifyou’re going to be a convincing Catholic,

Galatians 2: “You are a Jew, yet you live likea Gentile and not like a Jew. How is it, then, that you ask Gentiles to follow Jewish customs?"

What is there to do in the Horn of Africa? Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lybia, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Chad… Catholics are largein numberin these countries, they are also heavily persecuted. Catholic missionarieshavebeenkicked out of many of these places,their homes burned, fathers killed, mothers and sisters are raped, and children are forced either into slavery or kidnapped to be made into child-soldiers.

I want to build refuges, churches, homes, schools, playgrounds, and dig wells for all of the refugees moving from these places in other countries like Chad and Uganda. And I want them to have three meals a day: The Eucharist,The Scripture, and food to eat.

Skills needed: hardworking, selflessness, soldiers, firefighters, policeman, dutibound men, carpenters, brick layers, engineers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, farmers, cowboys, etc. Men who know their religion, honor their heritage, and feels compelled to give all, to be a friend to all, a father to many, and bring honor and dignity to those who by all accounts appear to have lost all.

“Man hath no greater love than this, that he give his life for a friend” - Jesus

I support this. Keep me posted brother. The world needs more M.E.N.!!


What kind of skills do you have?? Even if you have none, as long as you have two hands, I’ll put them both to work.

There’s a lot of orders already in Africa doing great work, so this ain’t a leading role, its a supportive role. We do the physical labor so they can preach, teach, and nurse.

Rent-a-Christian, Haha!

Interestingly I’ve been feeling deeply called to the Dominican Order of Preachers whom have missions in some of the cities you mentioned.


When is this project set to start? I can do whatever is needed. I do however love children and especially infants so I would be overjoyed to work with them.

So, there are already many in these areas, including Church efforts through both parishes and Orders, who are doing this work. Have you located or contacted any of them to offer your services?

Yeah, I’m going for a year with the Fransalians. They have a program called F.O.S.T.E.R. in the Horn of Africa. Vocation director says I’ll be able to carry out this mission, but not alone. So I’m recruiting.

This is a support role for the different Catholic outfits already there.

This is great. Do you have a link to them for us?

Google? :confused:

I should probably edit that last post, it says “vocation” director. Not so. I mean the Fransallian priest I have talking to.
As mentioned, I have 18 months before I get out of the Army. So this is all a ways out, its not imminent.
But this is what calls to me day in and day out. And this is the gift I have. So I’m putting this gift/charism to this calling. Nothing is official, but its working out quite nicely.

A.) I already had. B.) It’s your topic. C.) If you want men who are interested to take this seriously, they should have something to check out independently and not just a forum name to PM.

Good luck, keep us informed.

Ok. I hear ya. And thank you.

But, also, I need men who are self-reliant for smaller tasks, especially where information is publicly available through modest effort. They’re gonna be surviving in a sub-saharan region far, far from home and with no easy resources, and there are plenty of folks there who don’t want them there, and will act physically to remove them, one way or another. They have to think like soldiers, pray like priests, work like dogs, and calculate like CEO’s. They’ll be tested physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and intellectually. Even their love will be tested. Its not very democratic, nor does it follow sympathetic American values for corporate practices. This ain’t for everybody. Sorry to offend. :frowning: I didn’t mean to hurt.

The whole thing isn’t even fully though out. But there are some basic parameters, which are now posted in previous paragraph. The first mission isn’t even the real mission, its a reconnaissance mission, meant to provide real, positive intelligence for the mission itself.

This is why I say I’m looking for ex-soldiers. I need like thinking people. If you’ve been enlisted and served overseas, you’ll understand why I’m not posting links and asking people to take me seriously. I don’t have to. Those who know are doing the work already. More than a few have made contact with me at various levels. More will come. So I’m happy to keep this thread “on top”.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

-Scouts Out

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