Duty to Expose Frauds?


Do we have a duty to expose frauds?


That depends on your involvement, your certainty, and your relation to the fraud.


I’m sensing an Agenda… Where’s the coffee? :coffee:


Aah, certainty. What if it is say 50/50?


You’d have to tell me about your relation to them (are they a co-worker?) and how you know. Tell us your story!


Yes, in a general sense, when appropriate and prudent.
How’s that for a vague answer to a vague question?


I believe that sometimes we should consider doing something if it seems appropriate under the correct circumstances.


Too vague to answer.


Come on, @Bon_Croix, you’ve got us all curious! Don’t leave us hanging! :grinning:


Is he related to the La Croix family of Perrier France?


They look delicious! :grinning: Quite frankly, if this thread involves assorted French soft drinks, I’m prepared to hang around…


Crack one open! :cup_with_straw::cup_with_straw:


I think we’ll all deserve one by the time the OP decides to tell us more!


No, its the Le Croi family. 2 different families. In the 1600’s, the x was added.

I’m related to neither/nor.


Some guy has a YouTube channel and is always ranting about thus and such while wearing the worst toupee on earth. That is fraudulent hair. We do NOT have a duty to rip the rug off of his head.

Your Uncle Joe is still collecting Grandpa’s Social Security Check 6 years after Grandpa is dead. This is benefits fraud. We do have a duty to report that fraud.


So, if the government is involved, we have a duty?

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