Dvd disc

My mum came to me and handed me a dvd(the king of kings) that we owe to play it for my dad.

As she handed it over to me I remembered that this DVD Disc was bought from a market in which most likely is a copied verion. i bought it about 6 or 7 years ago and payed i think $15. I could not help wondering weather i should refuse to play it for my dad or just do it.

When i bought it, like everyone else i did not see copied movies and so on as bad but from 7 years ago till now i have changed so much that now i would not buy or download if it is illegal.

Have i done a wrong thing by playing the movie for my dad. would this be a grave sin.

No, you did nothing wrong. And even if you did, you apparently didn’t have full knowledge so it couldn’t possibly be a mortal sin. That said, I don’t think that what you did is a venial sin either.

I agree that it is not a mortal sin. These little things that are transgressions in human laws, are not transgressions in God’s world. If you were to copy that movie and pass it along to family and friends, it would still be okay. I think that the person who charged for it, would be at a greater fault. My brother was freely given a copy of XP Pro at his workplace, and, I debated about using it. We had purchased a computer just before the change-up, and, it took all of my time to maintain it. After a problem after 4-5 years usage, of XP, and with a new hard drive, I went back to the original OS, waiting for the price to lower on XP, which it didn’t of course. So, it has been 3 years of ME. The owner of the computer is 93, and uses it for reading news and solitaire. I just think that he paid entirely too much for the 2001 computer, and, now, with a laptop that could benefit from file sharing, and that also was purchased before a change-up … we don’t care, and Microsoft doesn’t care either, IMO. We seem to buy computers before price decreases …so I am rationalizing and, XP is back on it. My cousin is a millionaire after working at Microsoft for a dozen years … I don’t know how long, but that he was in his 30s and retiring. Poor folk, those who labor and need rest, do things that are overlooked. Still, the law make sock it to us, as it did when my sister’s husband stole form my Dad basically, after getting a loan, then declaring bankruptcy. It went in his favor, you see. Obviously, I don’t believe in his poverty … he is also a laborer, but, he has no property. Sometimes laws are unfair to the ordinary citizen. There is just so much under the table for everyone, and espec. the poor.

Another proof that some small matters are not important in human law … Income taxes. If you over-estimate your taxes, does the IRS catch it? Maybe they do, but, someone I know … was adding the qualified and the ordinary dividends together and saying that that was income … until I caught it. We know that the IRS gets copies of those 1099s, but, do they catch these things? I don’t think so. We don’t worry about those errors, and neither does the gov’t until it becomes glaring. So, show the film, or, copy it when it is on TV; rent/buy another, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t sell it. Small things matter to God.

$15 for a pirated movie? Dude, you got ripped off.

this was back when dvd movies costed alot more. 35 or 40 aussie dollars.

Its kind of funny and sad that where i bought this copy there where undercover cops who arrested a few in the act of selling them. they were fined about 250000 and in order to pay off the fine they continue to go back and continue to sell dvds every weekend. a mate of mine had a stall in the market and told me.

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