DVD: Empress Elizabeth Of Austria ( SISSI)

If you are a history buff lilke I am nad especially into Royalty, I highly recommend the SISSI COLLECTION DVDs . The movies are not 100% historical but very romantic and I love them.
Go to www.amazon.com
and type in the search area Sissi and bingo - it will pop up. The movies are German with English subtitles, but wonderful and easy to follow. Enjoy!
Any other History buffs here?

If by history buff you mean enthusiast, hen I am. But knowledgeable, sadly not. I have seen the Sissi films on Italian TV, Romy Schneider is very pretty. She played the character well.

Wow have you posted something on a subject that is so near and dear to my heart. I was a German major and received my MA in teaching German. I have lived and studied overseas and have traveled to placed specifically because die Kaiserin lived there/was there: Hofburg, Hermesvilla, Achilleon. You name it :slight_smile:
But something else I’d recommend, historically accurate, is Brigitte Hamann’s biography “Kaiserin wider Willen”, or, in English “The Reluctant Empress.” It is the best biography in existence, in my not-so-humble opinion .
Also, something else I was fortunate enough to see while it was still running was “Elisabeth das Musical” (Elisabeth the Musical) while it was still in Vienna. It’s a tour-de-force of a production, and while it is a musical, it pretty faithfully tells her story. Consider purchasing the DVD (now available) at amazon.de/Elisabeth-Musical-DVD-Sven-Offen/dp/B000IU3XGA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1221886617&sr=8-1.
It’s worth the price, and it is a touching story.
I am an amateur (non-professional) Habsburg historian, and love reading anything I can get my hands on about Elisabeth von Wittlesbach.

You have a kindred spirit here at CAF :slight_smile:


Oh yes, love the Sissi films too. Both fascinating characters, much less saccharine and two-dimensional than they are in the films.

I’m guessing, being all on offer from the US, that they’re not suitable for this country (we’d need Region 4 or All Region DVDs), otherwise they’d be a wonderful present for my mother, who loves them as much as I do.

I have been to the Hofburg and Schoenbrun myself. I also visited the graves of Sissi and Franz Joseph in Vienna in the Cappuchin church. I took photos that I have to this day.
Two other great biographies on the Kaiser couple are:
Bertita Harding The Golden Fleece
Joan Haslip The lonely Empress

My husband loves everything related to Crown Prince Rudolph. He has as an artist even Used Rudolph Hapsburgh as his nom de plume. anyone know good biographies on Him?

Loved these films! Sumptuous photography, costumes and sets, and entertaining stories. Madchenjahre einer Königin is similar. Sure, they are sanitized, not historically accurate, so they should not be taken as history lessons.

Yes, if you order from the US, the DVDs will be for Region 1. However, if you order from the UK, the DVDs are for All Regions

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