DVD: "Footprints of God"

Has anyone watched any of Steve Ray’s Footprints of God series? Here are some of them.

Would you suggest them? They are pretty darn expensive…

the ones I have seen and used in the parish are those on Peter, Mary, Paul, and Moses and they are excellent in content, with top notch professional production values as well. they are competitively priced with other DVDs and are full feature length 60 to 90 minutes

I was renting them through netflix, until EWTN started airing these shows this fall. It’s still on, can’t remember what day it regularly airs b/c I tivo it.

I really enjoy them myself. My 12 yr. old likes them too.

I would highly recommend them. Is it for personal use or for your parish? You could always try to convince your pastor and/or DRE to start a weekly (or monthly) series on the DVDs, in which case your parish would probably pay for them. :o (But, of course, then you don’t get to keep them! :wink: )

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