DVD Movie: Come What May (pro-life film)

See segments from the movie here.onenewsnow.com/comewhatmay/default.aspx#seg4

Law students from Patrick Henry College (Home School Legal Defense Assoc.) argue how to overturn Roe v. Wade in moot court. Some family conflict is involved; PG!

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I think this is a good idea; but I have my doubts about the effectiveness of the production.

I do hope this movie inspires more young people to be more actively pro-life.

I would like to see some commentary, pro and/or con, from anyone who has viewed at least 4 segments (they are 18 min. - 23 min. each).


LOL!!! From the trailer, that’s one of the corniest things I’ve seen recently with its overly-dramatic music and bad acting. I know it’s an independent film, but it looks like something they would play in Sunday school or Bible camp, hahaha.

With its syrupy sentiment, it will fail to attract a wide audience, particularly the non-Evangelical and/or non-religious teenagers who need the pro-life message the most.

Well, I have to say I was not drawn into watching it; I agree with your opinions. It’s going to be shown at our church anyway.

Why can’t Mel Gibson or somebody really talented in the movie-making field help us out on this?? Please, God, help inspire him or someone to make a great movie on helping the poorest of the poor, the unborn (disabled and elderly). Mother Theresa pray for this cause!


Hi. I just picked up on this thread when I was searching for the Come What May website. I have already seen the movie and I actually thought the basic story line was very intriguing with several powerful interwoven stories.

Marriage: Mother is work-driven, high-powered attorney, not particularly spiritual. Dad is a professor with deep spiritual convictions and is main parent to son and this is causing tensions in the marriage that are visible to the son.

Son: Following in Mom’s career track, and in being driven to be the best he is drawn to a Christian college because it has the best moot court reputation in the country – he is not interested in the Christian culture of the school. He is attracted to a fellow beautiful brainy student and is confronted with meeting her convistions on dating and chastity. Once assigned “overturning Row V Wade” as debate position for national moot court competition, he struggles with conflict over arguing the case to win the case on principle versus arguing it in a selective way just to win the moot court competition which is his only goal.

Mother, Father and Son: Father decides to proceed in publishing a biology textbook that he knows will result in his losing job, mother unknown to husband and son is assigned high profile pro-abortion right case ( for minors to secure abortion without parental consent )before the U.S. Supreme Court and son is competing in National moot court competition arguing for overturning Roe v. Wade. When the father and son learn of the mother’s involvement tensions explode.

Actually, I found the story line gripping and was sad because of the amateur quality of production and acting. For homeschoolers on a limited budget it was great ! But I believe it has a story line as intriguing as great as Spencer Tracy’s Inherit the Wind re the scopes monkey trial. And the story line I think has the power to influence.

The entire time I was watching the film I was thinking about what an opportunity there was to turn out an excellent , passion-inspiring drama by the right filmmaker — the story is there. I have been hoping that a powerful Holywood Catholic or Christian filmaker could pick up the rights to this story and redo it. The Supreme Court and Moot Court scenes could be very exciting, the marriage tensions are very realistic, and the chastity story line could and NEEDS to be done on the big screen.

I only wish I knew the powers that be and could get through to them — those like Mel Gibson, Metanoia Films, etc. but I am just one mom…

The only way big movie makers are going to make good movies like this are if people watch them! Then they will see there is a market for this type of movie! People need to watch and promote this movie to make sure it is seen. If you feel the story is good, but the acting is poor, watch it anyway and "Offer it Up"! Should we only watch bad storylines because the acting is good? We need to tell Hollywood that we WANT good, clean movies!

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