DVD or books that help to explain the Mass

I am looking for a DVD or book, preferably a DVD, that helps to explain the parts of the Mass. I am primarily using it to help my girlfriend understand the Mass as she says she is very confused on how this could be worship and biblical for that matter. So I am looking for a DVD that we could watch together to help her get more out of the Mass the next time she goes. Also I feel I will benifit as well.



Explains every part of the mass from the entrance to the Eucharist.
I found them good from what I have seen. There are previews on the site and also parts of it on youtube. Its called the Catholic Mass Revealed.

There is also an online free booklet of it. catholicmass.org/english.html

Go to the link and click on booklet

Joe gave some good resources.

If needed, I think a good print resource for your purpose might be The Catholic Church and the Bible by Fr. Stravinskas. One of the chapters goes through the parts of the Mass and gives the corresponding Scripture citation. It’s a great chapter to clearly illustrate to people that the Catholic Mass is thoroughly and completely biblical.

This is definitely THE book to get! It is not thick at all, but it goes through each aspect of the Mass and describes what we are doing and why we do it! I received it during my Deacon formation program and fell in love with it! I recommend it to everyone who has a question like yours, or who says that the Mass is “boring” for them. They never see the Mass the same way again after reading this treasure!


Wow and cheap also :thumbsup:

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