DVD: "Padre Pio - Miracle Man"


Last Week was All Saints’ Day. Shanon (my wife) and I watched this movie titled “Padre Pio - Miracle Man” and just loved it. It was in Italian with English subtitles, but what a beautiful film it was! I was told that they have a version in English now, but Netflix only had this version.

The movie tells the many stories of Pio’s life; from a little boy to his passing. This movie will move you in so many ways. This is a film of humility, charity, poverty, suffering, overcoming temptation, sacrificing, forgiveness, love, and most of all about Christ our savior.

Every Catholic Christian should watch this absolutely beautiful film!


Thanks for your suggestion.

This film that my one of collection.:thumbsup:

Thanks for posting this. I’ve witnessed wonderful intercessions in many lives through Padre Pio and have only skimmed an older biography. The film will be a great way to introduce others close to me.

Does the film go into any of the controversies through which Padre Pio had to suffer? (E.g., allegations, prosecutions, etc.?) I’m wondering how those are depicted.

It does. It shows him very frustrated with the allegations, but at the same time still obedient to the magisterium. You’ll have to watch it and see how accurate it is to the actual life of Padre Pio.

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