DVD Player Quit Working and DVD-ROM Drive On Computer Not Working Either - No Way To Watch DVDs


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for me that I could either get my DVD-ROM drive working or get my DVD Player working? Both just recently stopped working and I can’t seem to get either to work. I have given up on the DVD Player because it seems to just be a bad DVD Player. But the DVD-ROM drive issue is much more complex. See, I repair computers as a hobby and I know that there could be any number of things wrong with my DVD-ROM drive. I think part of the reason why it isn’t working is because XP is recognizing it as a CD drive instead of a DVD drive. So I am in the process of trying to figure out how to fix that.

Anyway, I’m sorry to post this issue on here which is so trivial but I am wanting to watch my Passion of the Christ DVD so that I feel more contrite for my sins. I sometimes watch it when I have trouble feeling contrite for my sins and it helps me to feel contritition so that I can go to confession and be forgiven. I guess it is just that focusing on what Jesus did for me in His passion and death really brings it all home to me you know? Well anyway, if you all could just pray that I get one of these issues fixed, I’d appreciate it.

My best friend told me that if he gets a new DVD/VHS combo player for Christmas, he’ll give me his old one. The reason he might be getting a new one is because his old one quit dubbing DVDs for some reason. But it still plays DVDs fine. But anyway, I just humbly request your prayers. Thanks.

By the way, is there a patron saint of computers and/or computer problems?


Well, thank you to anyone who did pray for me and for the solution to my problems but did not post (as I have no replies as of yet). Your prayers were heard. I was messing around with my DVD-ROM drive and uninstalled it and reinstalled it using Device Manager and it started working again. :smiley: I am so glad! :extrahappy:


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