Dying before receiving sacraments:

I’m a Christian of no denomation ‘converting’ to a Catholic Chuch after 3 years at a Catholic school, a few wonderful friends, and much soul searching. I’m now taking RCIA classes but have concerns.

What if I were to die today?

I’ve never confessed my sins, and my baptism happened when I was very young. Can I go to confession and remove my sins without being Catholic? Having to wait until April, thinking that if I were to die today I would suffer eternally is hard to bear.

Also, I read on this site, while looking up how to say the Rosary:


“7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the rosary shall not die without the sacraments of the Church.”

Does this mean if I say the Rosary every day, sincerely ponder the mysteries, I would be spared from death until I can receive confirmation/confession/eucharist?" I’m not understanding the meaning of this. Is this a true Catholic belief?

Thanks! My first post! :slight_smile:

You are a child of God! God loves you and welcomes you with open arms. Do you honestly think that God would turn you away from Heaven if you died today? I don’t!

Be on fire for Christ and excited about your Christian walk…God loves you and is with you on your walk of faith.

God Bless!

as part of your preparation for entering into the full communion with the Catholic Church you will be prepared for and celebrate the sacrament of penance and reconciliaion for the first time, before you are received. Usually a penance service of some kind and an opportunity for all to confess at a time set aside for your class will be offered. You do not have to wait for that date, however, if you feel ready to confess sooner. Simply go to the priest and explain that you are a Christian preparing for reception and now are ready to make a general confession of all grave sins of your past life. He will guide you. You probably have been given a book of some kind already that contains the form for confession, and a suggestion for examination of conscience, if not, ask your catechist for this.

What happens if someone dies while still in RCIA, but before reception? the unbaptized candidate (catechumen) is considered to already have expressed desire for baptism when they celebrate the rite of acceptance, or indicate their readiness to proceed to baptism, so would be entitled to a Christian burial and presumed to have been given the grace, by virtue of their desire for baptism, to acknowledge and choose God at the moment of death. The Christian candidate is of course already baptized and has sanctifying grace and as with anyone who has not the opportunity to seek out the sacraments before death, may express his sincere contrition for any sins, and is presumed to feel such contrition by virtue of expressing his desire to enter the Church.

We trust in the mercy of God, it doesn’t get any better than that, this is Divine Mercy, not human mercy or judgement we are talking about.

Welcome Home! the wait is part of the journey, expectant mothers know exactly what you feel in wishing the day would come, but they know the waiting is a necessary period of growth, just as your waiting is part of your growing in faith.

Welcome to the forums. I’ll make this short and to the point.

  1. Continue firmly and sincerely on your journey.
  2. Make a good and sincere ACt of Contrition for all past sins.
  3. Trust God to take care of the rest.

Your intention at this point is to enter the church and go to confession. Should God call you home before that He will make the proper allowances. :thumbsup:


We rejoice with your decision to have a full communion with the Catholic Church. May the good Lord continue to bless you and grant you long life. God fully knows your concern and there’s nothing to worry about since your heart is in the right place.
God bless.

Remember, God is love. The sacraments are here as a means for us to recieve His grace, but God is not limited to the sacraments, if you have the intention to confess and then die on the way (not just like on the road driving there, but on the road to the Church, like you are :)) then because of God’s mercy you’ll be ok.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I guess I shouldn’t worry about dying and continue on my path toward Jesus and His Church. I can’t wait until I’m a part of it!

Tell God you are sorry for your sins. My husband, who fought with me about God, Heaven, etc, finally accepted Jesus on his deathbed. He received confession and the last rights the day before he died. He was also wearing a brown scapular. You need to buy one and wear it constantly. A brown scapular is Mary’s promise that if you die wearing one, you will not endure the fires of hell.

Why not tell someone to put their trust in Jesus’ promise of everlasting life and wearing His love for everyone to see, then for them to wear a brown scapular? This seems odd to me to think that a cloth will protect me from the fires of hell. Please explain. Thanks!!
God Bless!

Anyone else can come down a new suggestion, views will be appreciated.http://www.*********.com/img/4713/n09x0302vnsn/clear.gif

The “Cloth” does not save any more than the paper of the Bible saves, if you get my meaning.
Such devotions have to do with the promise and the faith behind it. If one does not have faith in God, and Jesus Christ, they will not put any stock in either the Scapular or the Promise attached to it.
As a possible example, lets say you are having a particular problem with some sin or other. After praying on this problem for some time, you decide that you will where a cross around your neck so that it’s feel and weight will remind you to resist the tempation. The power is nto in the material of the cross, but in what it reminds you of, God and resisting temptation.

Also it should be remembered that such devotions as the brown Scapular, are private and, while such practices may be approved and even encouraged by teh Church, they are not a part of Dogmatic Teaching.

Hope this helps some.


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