Dying man finds miracle in abandoned church

I thought this was a great story and very powerful!


Thanks, that was a great story.

Thank you for sharing.

That is a great story, thanks for Sharing.

Here is a map shot of that part of Minnesota, probably around 45 miles South of the Twin Cities.


Montgomery is suppose to be a sort of Czech settlement, it is also near the larger New Prague.

In New Prague, there is the St. Wenceslaus Church, St. Wensceslaus a Patron Saint of Czechoslovakia and a Christmas song about Him as well exists.



The old Churches and Churches found in these small towns like this and Montgomery are fascinating.

I also pray for Mr. Thomas’ full recovery, he seems to be a very good man.

Thanks everyone for the replies… Thanks BroomWagon for the links… I follow New Advent on Twitter and they posted this a few days ago

Watching that video, isn’t it interesting that St. Francis seemed to be called to serve God under similar circumstances, did not St. Francis come across a crucifix and dilapidated church(?) that called out to the young Francis to “rebuild his church.”


Schoenstatt have a chapel in Minnesota, note how it looks a bit like the one from the story as well. This is not real far from this area, though a ways off near New Ulm and Sleepy Eye.


They construct these chapels and they are around the world. This movement started in his native Germany.

Lutheran Church of St. John’s in Montgomery by the way as well.


What a beautiful story!!! Had me :crying: - in a happy way.

God bless him - and this beautiful Church!! How wonderful it would be to have a priest say Mass there once again.


Thanks to the Mod’s for changing the name… At first, I thought someone stole this story from me lol :smiley: :mad:


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