Dying on Holy Days?

I heard from a fellow Catholic yearssssss ago that if you die on certain Holy Days (i.e. Dec. 8 (Immaculate Conception) , August 15 (Assumption), Christmas Day) they cannot go to Hell. She said that the gates of Hell are closed. Anyone else ever heard of this?? I can’t find any teaching on this and I don’t know where she heard it…

That sounds very superstitious, or if that’s the wrong word, plain ‘wrong.’

That is absolute nonsense. There is no teaching on this because it is not true.

Most probably this is not correct. However, in Judaism there is the belief that if one dies on the Sabbath, this is a special blessing.

Who closes them? Just kidding, but never heard that one.

As others have said this sounds superstitious. Really it strikes me as rather vile, that some people would be saved despite rejecting God, simply because they got lucky on the timing of their death. If that’s possible how could we justify anyone going to hell?

The one thing I can think of is if one claimed that God providentially arranged that no one who is not in a state of grace will die on a holy day.

I didn’t think it sounded right which is why I asked. Thanks to everyone for their input :slight_smile:

I think that has something to do with Islam.

I am not definate on this though but it has something to do with dying during ramadan.

Thats what I read but know no more than this.

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