Dying to self


When is the last time you died to yourself or saw someone else die to his/herself for the good of your family?



I work for my family… doing something I DO NOT want to be doing… for the good of my family.

I can’t remember the last time I did something for myself alone.


Anyone who is a parent and/or spouse and takes their responsibilities seriously dies to self every day and night. I know that if I were still single, I’d be selfish and looking out for number one. But no more. After having 6 kids, I rarely do anything for myself alone. Everything I and my dear husband do is for the betterment of our family. Nothing outstanding or earthshattering, just being the best parents we know how to be. And we aren’t alone. Countless Moms and Dads do the same thing all around the world. God bless you. I hope this answers your question.


I think just about the only thing I do for myself anymore is eat and sleep… and that sleep isn’t always a full night. :wink:

My husband on the other hand… :rolleyes:


One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the sacrafice a mother will make for her children. I’d like to share a story about a woman I met while living in Honduras:

Once when doing house visits to poor families in Honduras we came upon the home of a middle aged woman (60s) who lived alone in a dirt floor shack. Her name is Maria, Doña Maria. We were visiting the poorest of the poor and taking a couple days supply of food along with just visiting, praying and accessing the needs of the families. As a side note, this woman had some obvious physical problems such as growths on one of her legs and on her face.

When we were done chatting I asked if we could pray with her. I was delighted to learn that she indeed was Catholic (the area of our mission is heavily prosteletized by anti-Catholic evangelicals) and a woman of great faith. I asked if there was anything specific we could pray for or do for her such as for her health or housing situation. The only need she saw herself having was for prayer. In all humility and sincerity she asked that we offer a Mass for one of her sons on a particular day. It turns out that that date was his birthday and that he would have been 21. She went on to tell me that her two sons had each been murdered, one 6 months earlier and the other 3 years earlier. My heart sank and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I just knew that this woman had the true faith of a child that Christ tells us about.

Doña Maria’s holiness, simplicity and humility flooded her presence and needed no words to convey, only the look of humilty and sincerity on her poor, weathered, and somewhat disfigured face. She prayed and prayed expectantly, she relized that all she had was not earned (although she probably worked harder than you and I ever will) but give freely by an all loving God, she saw any suffering as a way to relate and unite with Christ crucified in which she rejoices because it helps her grow closwer to Our Lord. Reflecting on this experience I know that she must have died to herself everyday, making reparation and sacrafices probably not only for her sons but also for many others in her community in similar situations. Would that one day I too could seek Christ with such intensity and selflessness.


Thank you for sharing that beautiful story with us!


This morning–and every day. I have the honor of witnessing how my husband sets aside his wants & needs and heads out the door to provide for this family.

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