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I feel a little confused about a Catholic blog called dymphna’s road which critisizes us lay Catholics acting as “amateur theologans” here on CAF.

The blog calls CAF “downright scary”… :confused:

What’s the deal with Catholics attacking Catholics.

Here’s the link. dymphnaroad.blogspot.com/2007/01/catholic-answers-forum.html

League of Warm & Fuzzy Traditionalists is a community of blogs maintained by various Catholics that love the pre-Vatican II Liturgy. **They denounce the fruits and spirits of Vatican II reforms… **but in a warm and fuzzy way, devoid of evil superiority complexes. A group of happy Catholics in love with their Church, who are staunch traditionalists and only cantankerous half the time.

"Sunday, October 17, 2010
well that was horrible

Rocky and I visited Nativity Church. in Springfield, VA. It was horribly depressing. The church is ugly but that’s standard for churches built in the 60s, 70s and 80s so we didn’t expect anything else. When we arrived a large group baptism ceremony was letting out. Most of the people were still milling around talking loudly and it was like they were at an auditorium. Nobody genuflected or bowed or even nodded towards Jesus. That may be partially because it was so hard to find Him. Nativity had no crucifix, instead there was one of those dopey resurecifixes over the altar. In a shadowy corner nearby was a tiny, ugly box sitting on a pillar. That was the tabernacle."

A very judgmental, anti-Vatican II traditionalist who needs prayers. :frowning:

Now now.

Some people and parishes have misunderstood Vatican II to mean that they are now their own popes.

A Church whose design doesn’t engender an awe and presence of the supernatural is missing an opportunity to lift our souls. Like a priest who at every opportunity casts off his collar.

Some priest in the 1960s expressed disappointment about “concrete churches”…asking whether the men who designed the buildings would give their fiance a mere rock for a wedding ring. Or some sort of statement like this.

We can do better than that for our Lord and His people.

And with regard to loud bloviating in the sanctuary before Mass, that’s just common sense discourtesy and it leads to a general decrease in piety. It’s about a sincere humility.

Would said humility have no charity?

If talking liberally and loudly before Mass about gardening or a TV show is somehow a great act of intended charity, sure.

I think he was probably being truthful, not judgemental.

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