Dynamic Catholic Under the Microscope?

Anyone have any experience with Dynamic Catholic and their products, or know anything about the goings on there?

I’ve read several of Mathew Kelly’s books. Some better than others. Usually very good.

Be careful with National Catholic Reporter, though, as they are not necessarily “Catholic.”

Not to be confused with National Catholic Register.


I’m well aware of the issues with the Reporter, and I usually don’t read them. But have you read the article?

What “goings on” are talking about?

Matthew Kelly is successful because people like his writing style. And his bishop approves of his work.

Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr also is a Kelly fan. “It was St. Pope John Paul II who said we have to find new methods and approach evangelization with new ardor and new materials,” Schnurr told Cincinnati magazine. “I think that’s exactly what Dynamic Catholic is doing.”

I have several of his books. They’ve all been given to me at no cost by local parishes.


The “goings on” that the article cited are how Dynamic Catholic funds several of Matthew Kelly’s for-profit companies (Floyd Consulting, Beacon/Wellspring Publishing, and several real estate interests).

I am not sure that I am buying the idea that it is funding his for profit businesses. He is not a priest. He is not a monk. He is a married man with a family to support. Yes, he is a business man that is good at what he does. It does not take away from his writing or his non-profit that he also has for profit businesses. I don’t see anything wrong with that. But I dislike the tone of the article, implying that Matt Kelly is doing something shady.

His books are too simple for some. But for others, they are the spark that kindles the fire to their faith. I have read his books. I have heard him speak in person and was moved by his words.


Does he suffer from night terrors?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Curse you, auto correct! Lol! :joy:

Just shows I need to proof read doesn’t it?!


Let me call some of my contacts in the IRS, my team of CPA’s and lawyers, to investigate his accounts, and I’ll get back to you.


@JesusSaves, “New Age is all over all of his books and it is a slippery and dangerous road.“

Really? The words “best version of yourself” make you label someone new age? That is ridiculous. You are totally ignoring the part where he says to ask God what he wants. New age is not asking God to tell them anything. Why not stop nit picking and using phrases only in part? Perhaps his books are too simple for your taste. Fine. Don’t read them. But don’t label them something they are not.


This article is nothing but calumny. I don’t have a problem with Matthew Kelly being a successful businessman. It’s probably those skills which allow him to write and publish so many beneficial books (and programs for learning the sacraments).

I’ve heard him talk, and I donate to Dynamic Catholic every month. I think he’s a positive influence on our Church today; his books are easy to read and solidly Catholic.

For several years now, I have brought a notebook to Mass, based on his recommendation. I’m not a fan of his “write the one word” method though - I generally like to capture the key point(s) of the homily. I find it helpful to go back and look at a homily for a specific feast day or the like. It also really helps me remember the homily.


PS - I agree with MikeInVA. I thought it was a wonderful idea to reflect and take notes. That was something I incorporated to my prayer life and grately appreciate.


There’s nothing wrong with praying for someone, and whether they’re in circle or have their hands up makes no difference.

You’re projecting an experience from one retreat onto a completely different retreat. The two retreats were from different people with a completely different set of beliefs.

1 Timothy - Chapter 2 verse 8:

In every place, then, I want the men to lift their hands up reverently in prayer, with no anger or argument.

The raising of hands in prayer is a sign or our communion with the sacrifice of Christ who raised his hands on the cross.

There are countless examples in Christian history showing this to be an authentic Christian practice.

Here is an article that might help you…

Just because the new age movement tries to co-opt a Christian practice does not taint the original practice in an authentic Christian setting.

Some new age groups use a rosary for their sacrilegious practices. That does not mean all Catholics who pray the rosary are new age.

The practice of praying in a circle with outstretched hands has recently become popular in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement. The movement has been acknowledged by Pope Paul V1, Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Now, raising your hands in the orans posture during the Mass is a completely different debate.

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It’s amazing that people will defend someone who inspires them and turn a blind eye to what is truly going on behind the curtain. Extreme example, but I can remember one country in history who did this and the person who lead them.

Positive influence or not, if 80% of donors dollars are going into your pocket and not toward the mission then I have a problem with it. Shoot, I would have a problem with 20% or 10%… Can’t you people see this is money being taken from your parishes and not serving the church? Wake up!


Really? They were literally tracing pentagrams above your head?

  • Is he obligated to take a vow of poverty?

  • What’s your definition of “serving the Church”?


I’m referring to the same retreat…not sure what you mean.

Either way, what I’m saying is it is not a spiritually safe thing to do. I was praying over people without knowing the symbols that were used on me. It’s not good for that person.

It’s okay, I understand why this is hard which is why I’m bothered the church isn’t more careful. I once asked a priest why they don’t talk about this more openly and his response was that people wouldn’t be able to handle or accept it. That was so disappointing.

Believe me, I was once in the camp where I would roll my eyes at someone saying the things I just tried to explain. So I really do understand how you or anyone would feel. But if you were to experience what I have, I promise you would feel different.

I burned some new age books a few weeks ago and when I burned one particular book about communicating with angels (angels in general NOT St. Michael etc., just generic angels) a huge gust of wind whipped through the house and the blinds smashed against the windows. I was not alone, another person confirmed what had happened. It was extremely unsettling.

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Yes. 3 different symbols were used. Not sure how to describe the others that were used. You don’t even know they do that until you advance to the “next level”.

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Where are you getting this 80% figure from that you are alluding to?


Are you speaking about your experience with the Mathew Kelly group here, or the prior new age group?

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