Dynamic Catholic Under the Microscope?

I wonder if that Catholic publisher would have a problem if Matt Kelly had his books published by him? :thinking:


Of course not! That would be very profitable :money_mouth_face:

And, of course, much more appropriate and ethical :money_with_wings::moneybag::dollar:


I’ll give you that, it definitely has the scent of yellow journalism throughout.

I’m just curious, truthfully, why are you all so defensive of Matthew and against this article? Is it mainly the Perception Issue?

Well I don’t know enough about his accounts, or the business world in general, to know if there is anything unethical going on. Besides that, he hasn’t been charged with any wrongdoing. Furthermore, he claims that his businesses and non-profit have been scrutinized by third parties and the Ohio AG, who found nothing wrong.


Most of us have read his books and seen him in person. He seems to be authentic and have good intentions. The article is little more than speculation and I don’t think that it answered anything.


The reviews at glassdoor.com are … interesting…


It also seems deceptive to say that he has sold 30 million (or whatever that number is) books, when it’s not really individuals buying them, it’s bulk discounted purchases for parishes.

It would be deceptive if he said “over 30M people have read my books.” He has sold that many, and the churches hand them out to parishioners. He probably has a higher ratio of sales-to-readers than most of the New York Times political best sellers. I’ve seen a few of his books in church garage sales, but never boxes of them at Costco.

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We really do have to consider the source of the article.
The National Catholic Reporter.

The article comes off as a hit piece.

I personally detest the constant attacks on orthodox (small O) Catholic personalities and organizations lately…Raymond Arroyo, EWTN, Cardinal Sarah, Steubenville, Pope Emeritus Benedict, National Catholic Register, Ignatius press, Saint Pope John Paul, etc. etc.

The fact that they ( NCR) publish an article like this about him makes me question the sources, facts and intent of the article.

I will say that his series on Confirmation was extremely helpful, orthodox, engaging (video based) and offered a a very affordable price.


If 10,000 parishes are using his confirmation program, is someone vetting his theology? Why does he have so much influence – more so than other Catholic writers, contemporary or past? Is his program really that much better than others? Is his material better than that of other Catholic publishers, such as Ignatius?

Oh, my stars, he may have mis-used “half” for “step”. Call the Inquisition.

It’s the responsibility of the pastor to determine which, if any, confirmation program is used. So, apparently 10,000 pastors don’t have a problem with his theology…


Did you miss this? Someone is “vetting” his work.
From the link you provided:

UPDATE: I have received further correspondence from Matthew Kelly. The request for the Imprimatur was submitted late and has taken longer than usual, but he says the next printing will carry an Imprimatur.”


The pastors often defer that responsibility to their directors of religious ed (many of whom are volunteers, and most of whom don’t have adequate theological training to properly vet programs). That’s just the reality of the situation, and not a comment on the content of the Confirmation program itself.

That being said, Dynamic Catholic is usually quick to point out that their Confirmation program is being used in 10,000 parishes “in some capacity.” It’s often not used as the primary program, but as a supplement to the primary program since the program itself is not on the list of USCCB approved programs and many dioceses require their primary catechectical programs to be on that list.

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That request was submitted several years ago after the book was published. To date, the imprimatur has yet to be issued for that book (or any other books published by Matthew Kelly since).

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Sounded to me like it is coming.

Whether he chooses to delegate the responsibility or not, he still owns the decision and must answer for it.

Thankfully, at my parish this is not a delegated responsibility. (We don’t use Dynamic Catholic)

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That’s what they said when the book was first published several years ago. It’s still not been issued.

Why would I care what Matthew Kelly is doing with his business? I don’t donate to lay ministry organizations, including his. I’m not involved with parish ministry groups who choose to use his canned programs for something. I doubt whatever he’s offering is any worse than many of the other canned programs out there for sale. You want real catechesis, go home and watch a Bishop Barron video or something.

I got a couple of his books for free. They were pretty fluffy. They were written like motivational speeches, or diet books - there was one central point that could have been expressed in 2 pages, with a whole lot of fluffy padding leading up to the point, and a whole lot of repetition of the point over and over, and examples, and so forth, to pad out a book. Like I said, it was like a diet book where the actual diet takes up 1 page but they add 150 pages of zingy anecdotes, motivational talks etc in order to have a full size book to sell.

There was nothing bad in the books. Also nothing particularly meaty in them.
I wouldn’t have paid money for them, but I appreciated the huckster artistry of how he was presenting Jesus. They may well reach somebody who’s at a “baby Christian” stage of Catholicism.

National Catholic Reporter is not a trustworthy source and the article reads like a hit piece. The first thing that springs to my mind is, “who did Matthew Kelly tick off? or who’s jealous of him? or who didn’t get paid?”

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