E-Bay, for all your Catholic persecution needs

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know of the hateful items being offered on E-Bay. You can either perform a search for “Anti-Catholic”, or see the sample auctions listed below:

Rome’s Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

These items promote religious intolerance and persecution, which are listed in Ebay’s banned item policy here.

While the conspiracy theories offered in these materials are ridiculous, they are still very offensive and should not be allowed under Ebay’s policy. I have reported these items and the sellers through my Ebay account several times, but no action has been taken.

Once again, it’s acceptable to persecute Catholics, but if these items were anti-Islam or anti-Judaism they would have been removed immediately. The sad thing is that people are actually buying these materials, I can only hope that the purchasers are Catholic apologists in training, but my instincts tell me otherwise.

Im not surprised at all, this sort of thing should be expected. You should hammer ebay with emails etc until they take action. Of course the Catholic Church is the one that is always bashed, because it holds the truth. Satan doesnt waste his time seducing man to attack false religions he encourages them.

Although your understandably offended (and if it does break Ebay’s Terms of Service contract you should contact Ebay) I would like to say it’s not really Ebay’s fault, as they don’t really police their items unless someone complains. The fact the items still remain isn’t so much anti-catholicism as it is being under moderated.

There’s also plenty of catholic items on ebay and plenty of catholic sellers. You’re going to find negative stuff everywhere, that’s part of the whole freedom of speach thing.

I reported it too so it’s more than just you.

It’s the same crack.

I didn’t know it, but Rome is behind:

The sinking of the Titanic
J.F.K’s assassination
Abraham Lincoln’s assassination
The Oklahoma City Bombing
September 11th
The Vietnam War.

Just to name a few.


It was all done by the’Congregation for Assassinations, Havoc and Intelligence’ until that darned Dan Brown exposed all our albino monks.
The Office is located just a door from the vaults that contains all the Church’s wealth and that mega-computer containing the names of all Protestants beneath the Vatican (Even lower than the subterranean tombs, about miles deep in the ground where they could contact the Devil without incurring long-distance fees). Next to it is a tunnel that leads to the Jesuit/Freemason/OpusDei headquarters should they decide to invest the money they just pillaged and a cafeteria selling ‘Whore of Babylon’ action figures. :rolleyes:

Perhaps, in which case that is what should be protested. There is such a thing as free speech, you know. Selling anti-Catholic books is hardly “persecution.” We are all soft in the West–we complain about “persecution” if people say anything nasty about us. Come on–let’s all grow up! (This is directed at Western Christians in general, not just Catholics.)


NOt to steal the thread topic, but that’s the first time I ever heard catholics were to blame for Lincoln’s assasination???:rolleyes:

this is why i do not waste my time on anti catholic sites, or waste my time looking at anti catholic material or any type of anti catholic paraphanalia.

well, thank God we have good Catholic sites out there! thank God we have stores with CATHOLIC material in them! i don’t even bother to look at anti catholic propaganda. or sites. i prefer to look at sites like this one, and good Catholic blogs. i don’t care for anti catholic propaganda, material and so on. ebay is only out to make bucks, so they don’t care who’s faith gets hurt by what they sell. they only want to make big money.

Hey, I’m as much a fan of free speech as anybody, but libel and slander are not considered free speech. When you write a book or make materials that degrades, incites violence or prejudicial action against one group of people(religion, race, etc.), that is considered hate speech. Hate speech is not covered by the first amendment either. Do these materials promote discrimination towards Catholics? Absolutely!!

As ridiculous as these claims sound, I’ve actually heard similar arguments in my work as an amateur Catholic apologist. This happened about a year ago when I visited my friend’s non-denominational “Bible Church”. I tried talking with some members of the youth group and was shocked at the things they were saying about my religion (much of which could have come right out of these materials). You would be amazed at how many people actually believe this stuff, I know because I’ve had to speak with them. If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to try talking to some local Seventh Day Adventists about their worldview. Go to one of their church gatherings and I guarantee that they’ll give you an earful about the Catholic Church(after the first fifteen minutes of conversation my religion was under attack for just about every evil thing in human history). It’s easy to say, “grow up” or “stop whining” while you sit behind your computer and play it safe, but if you go out and confront this kind of ignorance in real life you’ll see where I’m coming from.

I didn’t blame Ebay immediately, but I’ve complained twice now over the course of a month and this stuff is still up for sale - I just think Ebay could do better. I hope all of you with Ebay accounts will report these items, maybe if enough people complain they’ll actually do something about it.

Oh, and LOL @ Patrick 457!!! :rotfl:

It’s hilarious that they actually think Catholics hold that much influence in world affairs. Apparently we can orchestrate assassinations of powerful dictators and start worldwide conflicts, but my church needs to hold a bake sale to get the water heater fixed! :smiley:

Either your church’s priest forgot those secret handshakes and codewords or the bake sale is just another idea to add to the Church’s gazillion loads of money to fund the Church’s next assassination and terror-making without arousing suspicion. :smiley:

Seriously, the Ebay is in public domain and many people could bring anything they have and get money out of it. So I think there are two solutions:

  1. Report it.
  2. Put up Apologetic materials that refutes theseAnti-Catholic works. If people complain about them then say that since people are free to sell/auction Anti-Catholic works is it also not okay to bring materials refuting them? ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the like.

I saw this guy yesterday while looking for copies of “Roman Catholicism” to buy cheap for firewood.

I thought I reported these yesterday, but didn’t realize until now that you actually have to click the ‘send email’ thing and then it will send the complaint.

I too reported similar things to ebay. Has anyone passed this on to Bill Donahue and the Catholic League??? Any thoughts.

God Bless,

More than plenty - THOUSANDS of Rosaries, bibles, prayerbooks, saints medals, Christian and Catholic writings, other Christian and Catholic-themed jewellery … take a look.

On sheer numeric value I’d say we’re winning the ebay battle.

Funny they don’t credit the thing that the Catholic Church actually did–help in the fall of Communism. Pope John Paul II had been very active in helping Communism fall.

The concept of “hate speech” is one of the most disturbing threats to freedom in America today. Of course speech that directly and explicitly incites violence should not be tolerated. (I.e.,–“let’s go and burn down all the Catholic churches.”) But if you start policing whether polemical claims about a religious group are accurate, who is to decide? Do we really want to establish a panel of judges who get to decide whether a given historical or theological argument is well-founded? This is a dangerous road. Next we will have Muslims claiming that it is “hate speech” to criticize Muhammad or talk about the passages in the Qur’an that Islamic terrorists use as inspiration. No, it’s better to let truth and falsehood battle it out in an open forum, however depressing this may be.

Do I get to claim that saying nasty things about Luther is hate speech? That is tempting. . . .


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