E-mail security vendor McAfee spills 1400 private names


In a story just dripping with irony, e-mail security vendor, McAfee, has accidentally sent the contact details of more than 1400 conference attendees in a spreadsheet attached to a thank you message.

On July 17, McAfee held a security conference at the Sydney Convention Centre. The event was well attended by about 800 guests. But in e-mail a week later thanking people for attending, McAfee added a spreadsheet containing names, numbers, e-mail addresses, employment details and even dietary requirements of 1408 people.

As expected, McAfee went into damage control and immediately posted a message to those who received the list asking them to delete it.

But by then the damage was done. Steve Murphy, IT consultant and one of the 1408 people on the list, said the incident was “a real concern”.

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