E Nomine

Have you guys heard of E Nomine? They’re German techno trance group. Their music is an unusual combination of trance/techno and vocals which closely resemble Gregorian singing and chanting (trailer music type choir). Enomine is truly a great phenomenon, a refreshing change from the mundane music thats out there right now. The music is filled with beautifully arranged choral parts, which contrast well with the deep, mysterious voice of the narrator.

Their second album is very dark, very demonic. They’re not Satanist or whatever, they are Christian group. Their music brings out the goth/dark music with a European touch, whether you understand German and Latin or not.

Their music is listed below.




Finsternis isn’t demonic – it’s all about classic horror movies. They like their theme albums.

I haven’t heard much beyond Das Testament and Finsternis, but those are both great fun.

Do they sound like Violet? Violet is freakin’ awesome. It’s like Qntal without the electronica. (Old Qntal, that is, not the last two Qntal records that sounded like Dead Can Dance rip-offs :mad: )

Oh, they’re still very electronic. If I had to compare them to other bands, they’re somewhere in the neighborhood of Qntal, Tanzwut, and Laibach.

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