E-Verify - Americans registering with the gov. to work - does not give me a warm fuzzy


So today I receive an email from my employer that next week I must appear on a date determined by the letter of my last name and present my credentials to prove that I am eligible to work in the United States.




Ok - so call me a bit of a conspiracy theorist skeptic leery weirdo. But I just don’t like the idea of having to show up and present my credentials and prove my eligibility to work in my own country.

I know, I know - if I don’t like it, stop carrying a passport, a driver license, paying taxes, blah blah blah. They have no idea who I am or where I’m from. I get it.

But it still just does not sit well with me. :cool:



Your not the only one who it freaks out. I don't like this either.


As an employer I actualy kinda like that the government has got my back and will be watching other people.

When another company (or business) can undercut cost by using (and typically exploiting) illegal workers it hurts everyone.

To me it isn't so much about the individual rights...but stopping illegals from working. Which, I understand illegals have escaped a hard life and do need more ability to come to this country, however, illegals are America facing child labor laws all over again. They often work under the table for half or a quarter of minimum wage. They work in dangerous conditions with NO benefits or health provisions. And more than you think die or are crippled from work-related accidents that are never reported because "on the books" they never existed.

And don't be creeped out because you have to present your credentials to work. You've already done that once if you've filled out your I-9 and W2 forms...which 99% of people do their first day of work.


The point of E-Verify is to prevent those who are in this country illegally from getting jobs. If you’re in this country legally, I’m not sure I see what the problem is.

Then again, I’m also in favor of having to show a photo ID in order to vote. You already have to show a photo ID to board a plane or cash a check, why not to vote? Just like the road to destruction which is wide and the path easy, so too is the road to rigged elections.


Is that a local thing? Because we have to show a photo ID to vote.


This does not any make sense at all.

As employees, we already are registered so that they can take taxes. When we fill out a job application, we always get asked to supply a social security number as well as allow them to take a copy of our license and card and noncitizens have to supply green card, etc.

What, exactly, does this new program add? Some kind of permission to work? What if you ignore it? Does someone go to jail or get fined?

I don’t get it. :shrug:

Doesn’t the government have anything else to do with our money than create yet MORE layers of bureaucracy? And yet MORE unproductive work for the business owners who are managing a payroll?


It keeps things on the up-and-up. If employers know they are going to be fined or heald accountalble…,its a big motivator.


oh, on second thought (and second reading of the links) I do get it. That is not a required registration of people. It is simply a step the employer can take with the information we already supply, so that the employer can double-check the validity of the documents.

I don't think it is an expansion of Big Brother into our lives, just perhaps a minor inconvenience for the employers to take the step of looking things up, and if they have a savvy office tech, they can make it an automatic step in their own data-management.

Ok, so I will roll up the tin-foil now, don't need another layer on my helmet.....:rolleyes:


Anything that adds more government oversight/control doesn’t sit well with me, either. :wink:


If you have nothing to hide, what's the deal?


A recent poll found that 82% of Americans think a photo ID should be required to vote. However, only 25 states ask for any form of identification. A photo ID is required by just seven.

Apparently, having to show a photo ID to vote is a local thing :slight_smile:


Do you work with the government because e-verify is only suppose to be used on NEW hires not current employees. " the use of E-Verify is voluntary and limited to determining the employment eligibility of new hires only" The only reason we had to run everyone in the company was because anyone who does work is considered a “new hire” with the government. Otherwise i don’t believe they are allowed to run your infomation. (Don’t quote me at that as i am not an employement lawyer or a HR manager)

The e-verify is using the same information that you have already provided to your employer on your I-9. When you presented your Social Security or DL or resident alien card to show that you were eligable to work. That infomation is just run through a computer for verification. If the SS # or other infomation doesn’t match each other then it comes back as a “no match” and the employee has so many days to fix the problem. I don’t see what the big deal is? Its infomation you have already given. :shrug:


The opening post is misleading. No one is required to register anything. "e-verify" is just a data-base cross-checking program and the issue is just that certain sensitive industries are required to use it while most employers have the option of using it as a convenient check on employees who have already been hired. The only people hurt by this will be people who lied on their applications in order to get hired.


The company I work for does have government contracts here and abroad.

Sorry folks - I just don’t like having to queue up and show my passport in my own country. I know it’s silly, I know it’s information they already have, it just doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy to do it. I can’t explain it, I have nothing to hide, I just don’t like it, it feels like an invasion of my privacy. Even though there is nothing there that they don’t already know.

Yeah - I’m weird like that. :shrug:



You’re not weird… Have you ever read 1984? :smiley:

Seriously, some of us just don’t like being micromanaged by the government, and that’s perfectly acceptable.


Thank you. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. :wink:



Papers, please. At least the trains will run on time.


Again, this dosn't really seem to be about the individual, but the COMPANY.

It seems like its a personell form of a tax audit.


:wink: You get it.



I don’t like being micromanaged any more than the next person, but I also don’t like it when those who are in this country illegally can get jobs (and even rights – like voting – and benefits – like Social Security – that are supposed to be only for living, breathing, bona fide citizens) because two folks who may be down the hall from each other (or across the street from each other, it really doesn’t matter) aren’t allowed to share data.

If someone has better ideas for how to accomplish things like preventing illegals from getting jobs/benefits, and insuring the integrity of our elections, I’m all ears.

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