Ear piercing and hair dying

Is it a sin for a guy to pierce his ear or dye his hair ( not for old age, just because he thinks it would look cool). Because i wanted to do both of these things. I heard it said something in the Bible about piercing ears, but so many people have pierced ears i thought maybe the person was mistaken. Thanks.

I remember seeing this in the Old Testament, I don’t think the Catholic church has stated anything on it though.

Ok thanks

In the Ethiopian tradition certain christians tatoo a cross on their forehead as a sign of devotion. This is one example to prove sometimes that what seems offensive can be transformed into a fine representation of God’s love in certain cultural contexts.

I’ve never found pierced ears attractive in any male of any age. :confused:

But that wasn’t the question. :smiley:

No, piercing your ears and/or dying your hair isn’t intrinsically sinful. It very well could be silly, but, again, that’s another question.

– Mark L. Chance.

I realize that wasn’t the question. As you said, I think it’s silly.

To answer the question, no, it’s not sin.

Tongue piercing may be a different issue altogether, however.

if you follow the hair style of St. Anthony (in your signature), you will look heavenly cool. Do not worry too much about being earthly cool. :smiley:

As a high school teacher, I can’t get very excited about piercings and dyings, or extreme haridos, because they are all temporary. In fact, I used to belong to the Big Brother program, and my last little brother, a very rebellious boy who is now very grown up and once again a great friend, wanted to do everything that a responsible custodial adult would consider wrong.

So I told him to do anything he wanted with his hair. He could paint his body purple for all I cared. He could have three piercings on his, er, private parts. I only cared about tattoos, because they are (yes they still are, for all practical purposes) permanent, and young people are not in a position to make permanent alterations to their appearance that give them youthful gratification. Of course, my young friend, as soon as he was old enough, went out and got himself tattooed to the nth degree, and now as a responsible father has to deal with the fact that his daughter is going to consider him a role model for that whether he wants it or not.

I still work on permanent disfigurement in the form of tattoos with my students. It is a losing battle. Johnny Depp has many tattoos, why shouldn’t they? Yon slut (scuse me but you know I am being realistic) will desire me more if I’m tattooed, so why not get so for a good lay? I tell the guys (I really don’t know how to talk to the girls about this) that no girl ever turned a guy down because he didn’t have a tattoo, but the reverse is not true. I hope that in one case in ten I might get the message accross.

You can be realistic without stooping to using vulgarity," yon easy gal" would get your point across just as well, no woman needs to be called a slut, there are many reasons for the current norms of behavior, mainly most of our youth were never told that it is wrong behavior and are quite shocked when they are told. I’ve had conversations with women in there late 20’s who had no idea it was wrong to just have sex with anyone they felt an attraction to, guess the parents dropped the ball big time on this(and many other) issue.

Both of you have very good points with regard to the girls who chase after the tatooed guys. They just don’t understand because no one has taught them how IT should be or been a good role model for them.

Hey I like your analogue, and agree. I hade this asked of me by my eldest daughter who wanted to get ear rings, I thought about it and I must admit that I don’t like anything else on my body, God gave us all we need.
However, one day after my daughter asked me about ear rings I just happened to be given a photo of St Therese who in the photo had her ears pierced.
Well I had to let go since Jesus was using St Therese to help me in my life at the time. It isn’t a sin. Jesus once answered my question by saying it is not what we do to the body that accounts for our judgment but what comes out of the mouth.
God bless

Whenever my daughters propose a “cosmetic” change, I ask the questions: Are you doing this to make a statement with your body and not your mind? Will this statement enhance or detract/distract from the statement you want people (including your Grandmother) to think about you?

Nothing wrong with it at all if that’s what you want.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal since it’s not permenant. It can be changed.

Tattoos are a different story. I think one should think long and hard about getting tattoos. Very permenant. Even the laser surgery to remove them leaves marks. Now don’t get me wrong, I love tattoos. I have several. I just think you need to be careful you’re not making a snap decision with them.

SIN? one of Gods laws states thou shall not want what some else has.One needs to study the 10 laws.The laws are meant to show spirital progress,because i am sure you are well aware that we all fall short.When I fail at this one i always want what others have .We all want to be alike.Do i have the courage to do with less?God wants us to have the courage to do whats right.Thats where Jesus come in ask him.

There is no rule against dying your hair or piercing your ears. You might want to figure out why you want to do it, but it isn’t wrong in and of itself.

I went to a salon to dye my hair, and was looking through a book of punky hairstyles. A woman and her son were sitting next to me, and I pointed at one style with pumpkin-orange tips and asked the son if he’d want to look like that. Before he could respond, his mother answered, “My son loves God.” Well, so do I, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do something fun with my appearance. I got the orange streaks. They looked great!

What do your parents say? If you are still a minor under their roof then their rules rule.

Hmmmmmm, I think orange (or pink, or green) hair dye indicates to me that the person is more ‘promiscuous’ than those without it.

I know it is a crude judgement to make, and it doesn’t ‘necessitate’ the behaviour comes with it, but I wouldn’t go for a girl with hair dyed in those colours. Just as I would expect a girl to look away if I had earrings, or orange hair myself. (which I don’t :p)

:confused: Hmm… I’ve never associated hair colour with promiscuity. I’ve had all those hair colours (not offended at your comment though), but it never occurred to me that anyone would make assumptions about my sexuality based on my hair colour. I’m just puzzled by it. For me, the colours that I dyed my hair represented some of the beauty in the world that I wanted to capture. This is me with orange hair.

One of the reasons I dyed it was to capture the sunlight with my hair. Another reason is that as a white girl in Asia, I’m already stared at on the street quite a bit. At least if my hair is a punky colour, people have a reason to stare. I get complimented a lot, generally by old ladies. It just gives me a boost of confident to have my hair the colour of flowers or sunshine.

Last year, I had red, orange, pink, turquoise, green, and purple hair. Now it’s back to brown, but I’m going blond this weekend I hope. Not allowed to dye my hair at my current job, so I can only choose natural-looking colours.

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