Early Christian history of Palestine and the middle east

How did Christianity take over Palestine and the middle east? Was it within the first or second century A.D. or after Constantine? Was it a natural progression into Christianity or through force?
Why did Muslims conquer the Christian nations in the 7th century?
What was Palestine like before it was Christian? Was it pagan, Jewish?

Man, you need to find a good ancient history book.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, Palestine was mostly inhabited by jews but belonged to the Roman empire, so some romans probably lived there as well. During the first and second century, many people became chrisitans, jews and gentiles alike. Saint Peter wrote a bit about the tensions between the jews and the non-jews in the early christianity.

In 140 AD most jews were driven out of Palestine and I think that was pretty much the end of the evangelization of the jewish people, even though individuals and smaller groups have converted long after that and continue to do so today.

Christianity grew gradually in the Roman empire and despite the persecution, which was at its worst during the third century. Constantine prohibited persecution of christians in 313, and after christianity soon became the most popular religion in the Roman empire. I believe most people in Palestine had become christians by willingly conversion before it was declared the religion of the state.

The Middle East and North Africa became muslim because of the expansion of the Arabic empire. Even Spain and Portugal was muslim for a couple of hundred years before the reconquista, which made it catholic again. Turkey was partly christian until the Ottoman empire took over after the Byzantine empire. The Ottomans made some parts of Balkan muslim too.

The first Christian Church was that of Jerusalem, Jewish.

Also recall at Pentecost, the apostles were speaking to many people in foreign tongue.

Many Christian Jews fled Israel during the Diaspora. The beginning communities of Roman Christians were Jewish who met in homes headed by presbyters.

Egypt, Syria, Palestine were teeming Christian populations. St. Mark founded the Church of Alexandria, Egypt. St. Peter the Church of Antioch. SS Peter and Paul the co founders of the Church of Rome. The Church of Constantinople emerged in Asia Minor after Christianity was almost decimated by Roman Emperors who moved their headquarters there due to barbarian invasions of Rome.

It is said St. James the Greater went to Spain but it was a failed mission…would like more input on his testimony of faith. St. Thomas went to India. All the apostles were sent but St. John the Evangelist wrote and died on the Island of Patmos.

The books of Scripture, the liturgy, the episcopal hierarchy of bishops, and foundations of the Creed were in place by 100 AD. You can look up St. Justin the Martyr who explained what happens at Mass to the Roman Emperor in 154 AD, and how the Mass was said throughout the entire Christian world at that time.

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