Early Christians and "sun worship"

This is a subject I recall seeing on this site before, but the search function hasn’t helped me at all in finding it :blush:

I have a friend who has a friend who apparently sent him an E-mail detailing how early Christians used to kiss or venerate images of the sun in the time of Constantine. I was wondering what all the real details are to this as I know they’ve been explained before, but again, I could not find the article.

hmm, I wondered why the Monstrance (most I seen and I know not all) is shaped like a

Well, Jesus is the light of the world, and the host in the monstrance is truly Jesus. That is what the “sunburst” design reminds me of.


A sermon by Leo the Great on sun worship. Appears in ancient times when Christianity became a “legal” religion some pagans just added Jesus to their list of gods.

One of the distinctive matters of early Christianity (and of all Christians, for that matter, until recently) is that they prayed toward the East instead of toward Jerusalem. This was because this was the direction that the Apostles saw Jesus’ Ascension from the Mount of Olives (east of Jerusalem), and because multiple Biblical passages indicated that Christ would return from the east, just as the angels also had said He would. Early Christians enjoyed picturing Jesus as the Sun of Justice from the Prophet Malachi, and as the eager Sun/Bridegroom/Lord from the Psalms. (“He has pitched His tabernacle in the Sun,” etc., was one of the early Christians’ favorite verses, in fact; it gets referenced again and again in their literature.) That’s why (until recent decadent days) all Christian churches and Christian graves were oriented east/west, if it was at all possible.

Pagans totally didn’t get this reasoning. It confused them.

The same is true of today’s anti-Catholics, anti-theists, etc.

True Christians would never worship the Sun.

Misguided or fake Christians would worship whatever everyone else is worshipping.

A Jewish person was talking to me about how the church steeple looks like male genitalia and how it points to the sun…he says that is sun worship. :shrug:

Oh well. Doesn’t bother me.

Your friend should get their mind out of the gutter when thinking about God :blush::eek::confused::slight_smile:

Except for pole stars, the sun, moon, and stars do not have fixed locations in the sky when viewed from the earth and the only church steeples that would always point to the pole stars would be those located at the North or South Pole so it is inaccurate of your Jewish friend to say that church steeples point to anything in particular, except to say that they point away from the earth and point beyond the sun, moon and stars to the heaven of heavens, the abode of the one true God.

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