Early Church Fathers

What book(s) can I buy for someone who never knew of the Early Church Fathers? The purpose is to introduce them to Church History and how Christianity was practiced.

Not particularly an academic piece. Because some people are not educated.

William Jurgen’s three volume set, “Faith of the Early Fathers”. It has a topical index that allow you to search out specific beliefs and practices.

There are a lot of books in the series (29) but Early Christian Commentary oh Scripture published by InterVarsity Press.

You can read a lot of the Church Fathers for free here:


and here:


Dear FHansen,

That is an excellent recommendation which I enthusiastically second. :thumbsup:

The “New Advent” website (newadvent.org) has full texts of the Fathers’ writings for those who want more in-depth study material.

Another good introduction (a sampler, if you will) is “Four Witnesses” by Rod Bennett which covers Saints Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, Clement of Rome and Ignatius. :thumbsup:

In addition to the other websites listed there is also this one


Add this one to your list as well

Add this to the others you’ve received

Fathers Know Best - by Jimmy Akin is great

and an online source Ive used a lot is www.staycatholic.com

hope this helps!

335 - The Early Church


booklet examines some core Catholic doctrines through the lens of several important Patristic writers in order to demonstrate the continuity of Catholic belief from the period of the early Church to today.
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I have given away hundreds of an older version of this. It is very good. Volumes with a bunch of numbers and references can be overwhelming to a beginner

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