Early Church figures...translated theology into hatred of Jews



Pope Francis’ unexpected Hanukkah gift

“The pontiff knows that for centuries, European Jewry was battered by theological cudgels. Early Church figures like Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr and John Chrysostom translated theology into hatred of Jews on the local level, and directly fed the auto-da-fes, the Crusades, and the pogroms that destroyed hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives.”

"Catholics scrapped both replacement theology and deicide through the historical teachings of Nostra Aetate a half-century ago."

I’m not aware of the Church ever having taught “replacement theology and deicide” much less scrapping it “a half-century ago.”

While I’m certain there have been plenty of Christian’s who have been guilty of “hatred of Jews” I have a real hard time believing that these Catholic Saints “translated theology into hatred of Jews”.

Am I mistaken here?

I’m sure you guys must have seen these assertions before. Any canned rebuttals out there?



I imagine this is a reference to St. John Chrysostom and his very controversial writings on some Jewish groups.

Why don’t we read Pope Francis’s own words on this subject, not the warped interpretations of commentators with agendas?

Basics here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersessionism

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