Early Church is the Catholic Church



The Early Christian Church is the Catholic Church - of which the Latin/Roman Rite is but one part.


That is well put. Errr…ummm…of course you guys did leave the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But there is always room at the table for you to rejoin to other Patriarchs who kept the faith going while you went off and explored (like the prodigal son).

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That is chilly all year long!

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I like the invitation with the warm hospitality. Gyros and baklava rock. Perhaps we should do a little less swimming and have more dinners and dialogue. Food is a wonderful way to provide and extend a warm welcome. I’m in favor of many ecumenical invitations both ways even if the Pope, Bishops, and Patriarchs put on a little weight.



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The Early Church is indeed the Catholic Church. Through the time, the Church change and became two traditions, Latin Rite, and Eastern Rite. They were one. There were no Protestants then. The Orthodox Church was a part of this Church as well. There were five major Churches at the time, The Church in Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch, Constantinople, and Alexandria. Each Churches have Patriarchs as its head.

The Church in Rome is founded by Peter.

The Church in Antioch is also founded by St. Peter.

The Church in Jerusalem is founded by St. James.

The Church in Constantinople is founded by St. Andrew.

The Church of Alexandria is founded by Mark.


Some crazy folks used to do that in Canada. No thanks. :eek:

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The Catholic Church is the same church for 2,000 years, the only difference between the modern day and the early days, in the early years christians were trying to survive, Now Christianity has become a dominate relgion around the world,


Rev North if the Orthodox submits to the authority of Rome would that prove to you that the Latin Rite was right or would it prove to you that Christianity/Catholicism is false all together?


Is this correct? The church started in Jerusalem on Pentecost so Peter (and others) founded it (or more precisely Jesus founded it through Peter and others - but Peter is chief of these, of course, as Catholics believe). St. James “the Lord’s brother” led it, probably after the Christian diaspora…

And shouldn’t this be in Apologetics?


This should be in Apologetics!:o


Let me correct myself. He is the Bishop of Jerusalem. Peter was the head of the entire Church.


Peter and the other 11 (Matthias is in this one) founded the Jerusalem church. it happened in the beginning of Acts.

if the eastern churches “returned” (i use quotes because i don’t think they ever felt that the bishop of Rome was ever above them in hierarchy) to full fellowship with Rome (i.e. saying the bishop of Rome is indeed the Vicar of Christ and the head of the church here on earth), then i would also return to the RCC. that will never happen though because they understand the hierarchy as being all the bishops of the main churches as being equal and having and equal say in councils. and i also believe that there is apostolic succession in any Christian church. you might think differently than me, and i’m okay with that. we’ll all find out in heaven someday (hopefully).


Hi bengal fan Iam a Steeler fan myself… The Holy Catholic Apostolic Church present day chair of Peter, has proven its authencity through history and succession from the apostles of Jesus Christ.And through the scriptures not to mention the sayings of Our Lord Jesus himself to build his church… and gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter stated in the scriptures, to say or believe otherwise You put our lords words in contempt. Besides it is left up to those in opposition of the Chair of Peter (present day Pope). To prove otherwise historically and scripturally without holding sacred Scripture and sacred Tradition in contempt. Thinking differently and what is a fact are not the same.

Peace brother.


You are wrong. The Early church was the Early church. parts of what is thr Roman church today did evolve from the Early church as did the Orthodox church, the Lutheran church and the Anglican church. All have apostolic succession.


Not exactly. Tell me, where does the Lutherans or the Anglicans trace their ‘Ecclesial Ancestry’, so to speak?

Catholics and Orthodox were part of the Early Church, composed of different local Churches or Sees (Like the See of Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople and Jerusalem) yet were unified as one.


patrick457, can you help me and Nella understand Anglican succession? Nella argues this in another thread she hasnt gotten back to me.



By ‘Anglican succession’ what do you mean? Can you please clarify a bit? :confused:


Nella, why is it that you challenge Catholic doctrine, and then you never respond to our proofs? You just jump to another thread and repeat your same assertions, usually off topic. I am going to give you links where I responded to you in another thread, which you seem to have abandoned. We are all here to seek truth, not to attack. You seem to have a lot of pain towards the Catholic Church, but if you approach this forum with an open mind, willing to discuss and listen, you might learn truths for having left the CC for the place you are now.

Please read the links and respond. Thank you.

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