Early Church Liturgies

I recently caught the tail end of a conversation on Catholic radio of something that sparked my interest. The discussion was about there being 54 distinct liturgies quite early in Church history. It makes sense. The Apostles obeyed Christ and went to the ends of the empire and beyond.

And, different languages were spoken. But, for the life of me, I can’t remember the show I heard it on or how early they were suggesting. I have done some google searches to no avail.

Anyone with any help? Thanks:shrug:

I thought it was Catholic Answers. But, it could have been Dr. David Anders. IDK

…I gave it a quick glance but did not find a specific number of liturgies:

Table of liturgies

We are now able to draw up a table of all the real liturgies used throughout the Christian world. (newadvent.org/cathen/09306a.htm)

You can read through the page or just read through the table of liturgies. You may also want to contact EWTN–they may have a direct link to or the contact information for the program!

Maran atha!


thx. I’ll check it out:thumbsup:

How many liturgies are there in the Church right now? Maybe 54?

There is a liturgy for each sacrament, and the Liturgy of the Hours.

For the mass in the Ordinary form there are 6 options for the Liturgy of the Eucharist in the Latin Rite (the one you are probably a member of). Is each option a separate liturgy?

Then there is the Extraordinary Form that is derived from the Roman-Germanic-Franco-Roman form ( a lot of history there).

This Saturday I will be going to a Byzantine parish and they will be using the Liturgy of John Chrysostom.

I know many of the 22 Eastern Churches have different Liturgies that the other Churches.

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