Early church mormons?

Found these quotes on the LDS website, any help on the context of these quotes (sources in LDS website linked)


“only God the Father is worthy of receiving prayer and adoration; not even the Son, though we pray in the name of Christ.”
“the Father alone is ho theos; the Son is simply theos…. Prayer can be offered only to the Father; prayer directed to the Son is not prayer in the fullest meaning of the word."

“In prayer one should not put the Father in the place of the Son, nor put the Son in the place of the Father; when standing at the altar one should always address the prayer to God the Father.”[
Council of Hippo

Some of Origen’s ideas were condemned as heretical, and he was never canonized.

In undergraduate school, one of my history professors, a Catholic, referred to “Saint Origen”. I wanted to stand up and say “not Saint Origen, he is not canonized, he is just plain old Origen”. I held my tongue.

I am absolutely not asserting that Origen did not save his soul, just to get that out of the way.

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