Early count gives "Remain" a razor-thin lead over "Leave" in UK referendum.

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Early count gives “Remain” a razor-thin lead over “Leave” in UK referendum. cnn.it/28RAqrX

The conservatives favor leaving, I guess liberal David is sweating this out? :slight_smile:

BBC is reporting the results here:

ITV News predicting a 80% probability Leave wins

ITV News calls it for Leave

The BBC is forecasting that the UK has voted to leave the EU.

BBC forecast: UK votes to leave European Union with 309 out of 382 results declared


Some estimate that it could take up to ten years to actually leave the EU. Just because of the way the treaty was written. Nonetheless, markets are already reacting in Asia and its pretty much all negative.

It’s official now, it’s “Leave”. :slight_smile:

London Times headline from comedian Steven Wright’s short subject The Appointments of Dennis Jennings:

**“Time no longer tells!” **

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