Early Lent

I think I’m going to start my Lent Season early this year.

Just my abstinence portions.

Many things happening and bound to happen this year:

The pope is 84 years old and will be turning 85…God grant him long life and health.

my mom will be 84 this year…I love her.

my mother-in-love will be 77 this year…I love her too.

The presidential race is coming…God help us.

We are still at war overseas…

Syria is the key.

Catholicism is under attack…overtly overseas and covertly here on U.S. soil.

Tradition is fading and faith is dwindelling with the youth of America

The Prisoner of Love is sitting alone in the Blessed Sacrament…

Lent is my favourite Liturgical season. I have been living Lent every day of the year and have found that is has been quite a blessing. I am always thankful when Lent rolls around though the in the Church calendar.

Live Lent every day of the year. It is just not confined to the “calendar time”. Each liturgical season, the spirit of it, can be lived at all times of the year. We can live with the Joy of Christmas and Easter. We can live lives of penance in the spirit of Lent and Advent. We can take pleasure in each ordinary day and make it extraordinary with God’s help.

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