Early previews for Fall series

Early previews of new Fall series. I’ve only caught these three so far. Anyone else seen previews for any others they can share?

        **NBC – C.S.I.: ****Salt Lake City**

                    Detective Elder Barry:  I believe I have this one solved, Elder Lee.

                    Detective Elder Lee:  Fantastic, Elder Barry.  Did you match up DNA?  Fingerprints?  Did you find a weapon?  Some sinister, tell-tale marks on the corpse?

                    Detective Elder Barry:  Oh no, nothing like that.  I just have this strong *burning in the bosom*. 

        **CBS – Kingdom Hall E.R.**

                    Nurse:  Doctor, there’s been a terrible accident!  A city bus crashed, and it was full of people who were downtown, shopping for *Christmas*.  Several of them have lost a lot of blood.  The ambulance bay will be flooded any moment and they are all in need of transfusions!

                    Doctor:  Oh, Gosh, that’s just terrible.  Hey, anyone around here seen my crossword puzzle book?

        **ABC – Evangelical Apprentice**

** **Trump: So Calvin, tell me about how you contributed to this project.

                    Calvin:  Well, Mr. Trump, unlike the others, I really didn’t lift a finger.  I didn’t help with the marketing, design, or labor.  I mean, the apprenticeship is really your free gift to me, after all.  Wouldn’t it be an insult to act like I had to earn it some how?

                    Trump:  Calvin, you’re fired!

                    Calvin:  But Mr. Trump, you don’t understand.  I accepted you as my personal boss and mentor.
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