How the early Christians linked to 12 apostles and who are the early Christians ( names, list) and what are the letters they wrote ( when) and how did they die.
Friends can you share your knowledge about this?


Most early Christians were illiterate, but in general the writings of the early Christians are those of the Early Church fathers, and here is a list


If you want access to the writings of those early Christians, there is a great, and affordable, 3 Volume set by William Jurgens titled, “Faith of the Early Fathers”. You can buy them separately, or as a set. There are other collections of their writings, such as Jimmy Akin’s “The Fathers Know Best”, which not only provides their quotes on various topics, but give a brief background/history on each one, and on the early Councils.


You can find all the early Christian writings here:


We know the names of those early Christians who were martyrs. Find a list here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_martyrs


i pulled one up and sent it to my kindle. it looks like it worked. thanks for the site


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