Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles

I work in downtown Los Angeles. Earthquakes are a common occurrence here, but there hasnt been one for a while. It’s actually a scary experience! One never knows how much potential damage it could cause.

Also from LA here.

I was waiting in line at the Subway at 5th and HIll and I felt it coming (“P-wave”) before the main shock (S-Wave) hit, but I’m pretty sensitive to them. It was pretty intense giving a hard jolt and a swirling motion for about 15 or 20 seconds (of course, one’s time sense goes out the window during quakes). Cell phones got real busy real quick but I managed to call my home and everyone’s okay.

All in all, it was a pretty “small” quake.

hope everyone is doing well. having been through a few hurricanes, I can relate somewhat to what you are going through. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

I pray all of you in LA (and our friends @ Catholic Answers that may have been affected) are OK.

We had a 5.2 quake here in Indiana (which is much rarer than in CA) back on April 18 @ 5:30 when the Pope was here in the US. It was a real wake-up call both from the quake and spiritually!

My prayers are with all of you:gopray2:

I work on the 50th floor downtown (up on Bunker Hill). We all ducked under our desks when the shaking started. There were some rattled nerves, but those of us who’ve been through this before were just rolling along and enjoying the ride! :thumbsup:

I was in the Miracle Mile area of Wilshire in a small house. Definitely felt it! My mom lives in Riverside which is much closer to the epicenter in Chino Hills. She said books jumped off the book shelf and the items in the china cabinet rattled and one fell over, but no breakage. It scared her cat half to death, tho.

I was here for the '94 Northridge 6.7 shaker - it was my first. This was mild in comparion, but once i feel the earth start to move my heart is in my throat until I’m sure it’s over.

To quote and old Carol King song…"I feel the earth move under my feet…:stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Southern Ca and it rocked our college library really good, spooked me. Just not my dog made a noise and I almost jumped out of my skin.

Hope everyone is O.K. must have been quite an experience for those of you in downtown.

So was this “the big one”?

I’ll keep you all in my prayers and hope the worse is over for you.:signofcross:

The “experts” say it’s yet to come. They say it so much I just find it silly.

Expect more fires, earthquakes, tornadoes - and who knows what else. Abortion, pornography, gay marriage - I have a feeling God is getting fed up with us.

Gosh. You just beat me. I was just about to say “inb4punishment from God.” I KNEW someone was going to say it. I just knew. But seriously, pray that nothing worse is on the way.

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