East and West

Just a few questions…

Can someone still call themselves Catholic if they proclaim to be Roman Catholic and reject all that is Eastern Catholic?

Must those that are Roman Catholic accept the differences with the Eastern church to still call themselves Catholic?

I ask because I do have a history with the Eastern Church. I was baptized in the EC, and attending Liturgy for about 6 years. I still attend Liturgy with my mother at Christmas and Easter, and a few other times during the year when I visit her on a Sunday. Nowadays, I myself attend a RC Mass. These EC priests in my life are very holy men, all with families! I see no difference between them and any RC priest that I’ve been exposed to, when it comes to devotion to Christ and their congregation. In fact, I could go on and on singing the praise of the EC priests in my life.

I gave some serious thought about a vocation, but one element in the Latin Rite that I might go so far as saying I disagree with is celibacy.

Why do people say, when asked of their religion, “Roman Catholic”. To me, it is an insult to Eastern Catholics. You are either Catholic or you are not. I do not see two rites as denominations, but as something else.

They are not two denominations they are two parts of the same Church. There is nothing wrong with calling ourselves “Roman Rite” or “Latin Rite” Catholics. Just as there is nothing wrong with Eastern Catholic or “Byzantine Rite” Catholic or “Maronite” Catholic.

Ok, that is fair enough. I understand and agree that the two rites are just that - two rites: and are not two denominations.

But my 2 questions are not answered: can a person of one rite claim that the other rite is missing something and still call themselves Catholic?

Hi Juggling__,

Any Catholic saying that another Catholic rite is deficient, is a deficient Catholic.

As for “Roman Catholic”, that is a name that was given us by Anglicans and is applied to all Catholics whether of Eastern or Western rite. We should drop it by the wayside.

On the other hand, Catholics originating from a Western nation usually belong to the Latin Rite or more correctly, the Latin Church. And within that Church, the most widespread rite is the Roman Rite. To avoid all confusion it is recommended to use the terms Eastern Church and Latin Church, then, if necessary specify the rite.

Have all your questions been answered?



Whether you are Roman Catholic or Eastern Catholic . . . you are Catholic. I don’t believe that one rite can claim that the other is missing something. Western and Eastern Catholics share the same doctrine and are in unity with the Holy See. There may be a small difference in liturgy.

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