Easter and Communion Question

Do Catholics have to receive Holy Communion during Easter time. Is it one of the Commandments of Church??? If one doesn’t receive Holy Communion does he commit a mortal sin???

Yes, it is one of the canons of the Church. Therefore failing to receive at least once during Easter is a mortal sin of disobedience to the Church.

Easter is the period from Easter Vigil on the evening of Holy Saturday, until Ascension Sunday. So you have 44 days. It doesn’t have to be on Easter Sunday itself.

Can. 920 §1. After being initiated into the Most Holy Eucharist, each of the faithful is obliged to receive holy communion at least once a year.

§2. This precept must be fulfilled during the Easter season unless it is fulfilled for a just cause at another time during the year.

Can. 989 After having reached the age of discretion, each member of the faithful is ob-liged to confess faithfully his or her grave sins at least once a year.

(of course one has to repent (and mean it…breaking with any and all mortal sin…such as cohabitation etc…one course has to be able to go to the sacraments…before one can ) and confess all mortal sins prior to holy communion…)

I think that he did sin.
So we need to confess yourself and that receive Holy Communion.

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