Easter book that barely mentions the crucifixion

I believe the name of the book is The Story of Easter. It’s a children’s book that briefly touches upon the death of Jesus. They just mention that he died in one page and don’t provide any illustrations of Jesus on the cross! 'For shame! Now persumably if you are buying this book for your kids they are being raised in a Christian household and as such are used to seeing crosses. How can we as Christians belittle the death of Christ? I myself had a children’s Bible when I was growing up which went into great detail about how Christ was scourged and tormented on the way to Calvary. Sadly this is just another example of how our culture is raising our children to be wimps. There I said it.

I could go on about this forever but I just thought the rest of you should know this.

Bendecida, I agree with you about this book that does not mention how Jesus died; but, perhaps it is meant for Protestant children. Protestants don’t use the Crucifix - just a bare cross so the manner in which Jesus died may not be a point they dwell upon.

I know that I was certainly aware how Jesus died when I was a child. We had more than one Crucifix in the house and I went to Catholic school (1930’).


I heard a priest on the radio (Fr, John Ricardo???) say that a cross without the corpus is nothing more than a torture device. With the Corpus it is a true reminder of the suffering our Saviour endured on Calvary.

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