Easter Dinner Ideas (with in-laws)


I have a newfound compassion towards my in-laws really since my MIL had back surgery, and well, since I have I suppose grown in my faith, prayed, alot, and found a newfound compassion towards my MIL. It has taken me years to get here, but it’s so good I’m here all the same. I love her now actually. It’s taken 10 years for me to arrive at this point, and it’s only thru God’s Grace, I feel this way at all. Now----though, -my immoral, mean-spirited and generally yuccy, pot-head BIL is coming to my home for Easter dinner too, and bringing, another, well, his 20th girlfriend in our 18 yr. marriage along. I’m getting nervous. She has an illegitimate child too, so I’m told. I can only expect him to be mean and nasty as always. :confused: I told my dh, why of course he can bring both of them along, but I’m getting really nervous about what I should or should not bring up, or discuss. He has been awful to me in the past, (like his mom) and well, I want to be the beautiful hostess I’ve always been in the past, but it makes me very nervous. Does anyone have any “ice-breaker” ideas? I’m also afraid for my 3 sons, as this BIL is a terrible influence. He shows up totally stoned, all the time, and criticizes me up to yin-yang, like his mother used to, (my MIL). She has pretty much laid off–in her 80’s with ailing health–but he’s taking over now…
I need some help here. Anyone know any “parlour games?”

I just feel like serving dinner, and just not saying anything, to not make any waves. To be welcoming, gracious, but just “backing out”. Yikes. I’m getting terrified of more abuse. Not from my MIL any longer but from him! He’s 3 yrs. younger than my husband. Had about 20 live-in girlfriends in our 17 yr. marriage and is a pill. I bought him a Catholic Bible recently, and he yelled at me, “Why did you send it Priority?”…“It cost $5.00”!!! “How can you afford it, when you don’t do s___!”…demeaning me, as his mother used to, (my MIL).

Help me!~Any ideas?

if you have such terrifying in laws then y do u want to make them happy?

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